About RNadia

I am Raja Nadia Sabrina, a blessed daughter, a wife to my university sweetheart, my husband @kneok / Abdullah Khubayb and a mother to my miracle daughter, Putri Jibrael Zumirrah.

I have always been a person with many interests. I love the arts in all its forms. That is why I love watching theatres, going to art exhibitions, paintings, listening to music, singing, anything related to fashion, watching movies at the cinema, writing, reading etc. I also love food! (Some people say food is an art too! hehe)

Oh, I am also into travelling. Who doesn’t love travelling, right?

In the real world, I read law and subsequently thereafter (hehe, law lingo), I practiced law for the past 6 years. I am thankful to have had a diverse experience in legal practice. I initially started off doing criminal and human rights litigation, then corporate law and finally cross-border transactions (in which I get to travel too!).  

Hmm, what else about me? Oh, I like to take pictures. Thousands. Daily. Okay exaggerating. Maybe not daily but thousands in just two weeks is not impossible!

I have also gone through a series of life-changing events which has been carefully planned by the Almighty over the past couple of years which has led me to where I am today. I have very recently just decided to take a brief step back from the legal practice to embark on a major career change. Bittersweet, but definitely exciting times!

I started to blog in April 2009 and the name of the blog previously was The Scintillating Butterflies because I love butterflies. I changed the blog name to rnadia.com in 2013.

Blue is my most favourite colour because it reminds me of nature, the sea and the sky. Random.

Basically, I write about anything under the sky and even beyond.