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Hi guys, its me, kneok. I'm back! 

In this day and age of insta-whining and moaning, it can be quite hard to believe that there are people who actually love their professions. Being a lawyer is a calling that I absolutely love and am very passionate about, so my wife asked me to pen a piece as a guest writer on her blog. Much obliged, my Lady.

I've written on here before, in 2017 and 2016, if you're interested.

Nasi Lemak Double Ayam Double tambah Sotong Kerang Telur extra for breakfast? Lawyers can make that disappear, no problems!
(no I'm not having problems buttoning-up)
It might have been mentioned once or twice or a million times, this pretty lady was a pretty accomplished lawyer back in the day. She's also a model consummate professional, always going over and beyond and giving 4540% at everything she does, which is how aere got this far. 
"I can't hear you counsel, your hair is too loud." "No it's not".

A lawyer to me means being a problem-solver, a peace-maker, defender of the weak and downtrodden, an advocate of the voiceless and providing a necessary service that however much maligned and the butt of jokes, is still essential and much needed in society. Money has never been a huge motivation for me. One of the most rewarding things of being a lawyer is simply just being able to help people and influence their lives in a positive way.

Of course, I am not the only one and this also doesn't apply to lawyers only. To all of the hard-working professionals of whatever vocations who remain nameless, faceless and those who go beyond their job scopes and gets up and about doing their jobs with a huge sense of responsibility regardless of gratitude or recognition, you are all shining beacons of your industries. It's easy to tell the people who are really passionate about what they do. Those who ooze passion, dedication and commitment in their work without saying a word, those who take pride and take their tasks and responsibilities seriously as a matter of course and not just doing things half-heartedly, and another telling sign is when you ask them about their work and what they do - they light up instantly. Sure, every job is hard in their own way - everyone deals with lots of crap and shit they could do without and everyone loves a good whine and moan now and then, but listen to people talk about their work and you can definitely tell.

Reversed dark blue and white #inceptioned
We each have different talents and roles to play in society. Once you know your role, work hard and be brave to carry out your responsibilities, irrespective of challenges, criticisms and cynicisms that will inevitably come your way. Speaking for myself, being a lawyer is tough stuff. To have knowledge of the law, to advocate with enough style to try and persuade the judge to accept your arguments instead of the opponents, and to be presentable and courteous in doing so, when all you want to do is to throw the heavy bundles of documents across the bar and/or strangle the opponent. Like I said, really hard.

Despite the challenges though, I take pride in my profession and I am deadly serious about my work and what I do - but those who know me, know that I really don't take my self seriously. In two weeks I will complete a decade in legal practice. A frigging ten years. Nantikan comeback concert kneok ya. But the longer I remain in this world, the more I am aware that I now have another role to play: to become a role model for younger lawyers: to impart wisdom and traditions handed down to me by my masters and teachers for the next generation. It's a role that comes naturally to me, I can spend hours and hours talking about the law and the legal profession, so much that you couldn't pay me to shut up even if you wanted to, to encourage anyone who has an inkling of interest in law and to discourage anyone who thinks of leaving it. 

As a lawyer you must master the art of waiting in Court for long periods doing absolutely nothing without being able to look bored. In court you are often left idle for long long hours, but you must be ready to spring up and stand and think on your feet at a moment's notice. Lucky for me, I mastered my poker face at a very young age
Appearing before court in black and white is one such tradition, albeit a tradition that has slightly been relaxed in recent times. At least here in Malaysia. Nowadays lawyers are permitted to wear other sombre colours in court, such as dark grey or dark/navy blue, and I fully take advantage of that. All of my work suits since day 1 as a lawyer have either been charcoal grey or navy blue. I have never had a single black suit in my wardrobe. When everyone wears black and white, a little difference of colour is all it takes to stand out.

This suit by aereMEN x RUFFEDGE however changed my mind. It's pretty much undeniable that you exude a certain authority and power when you wear a slim and sleek black suit contrasted against a crisp white shirt. You think: lawyer, bodyguard, hitman. That's why black and white is the men's code for glamorous black tie events. Okay, I know some cynics are pointing out it's also synonymous with waiters. But that's okay. Waiters are noble. They also serve.

I've had someone come up to me in Court and ask me where I had this suit tailored. I'm not a professional model so I don't think the pictures taken by my beloved wife does this enough justice (heh heh). But it's hard to believe that this suit is ready-to-wear. It is light, breathable, and tailored fit. It's classic and timeless, but also up-to-date with the modern times with its roped shoulders, single vent, slim lapels and single button. Being presentable in Court is a must, and I must say this suit definitely gives me an edge in that respect.

It's been a long while since her last OOTD. Proud of you sayang, for having gone through so much, for refusing to lie down broken and still being able to find strength to stand tall
I crave leave to uhm.. scratch the itch on my nose (Okay, running out of things to write. I did not pick this picture)
I have both suits from the aereMEN x RUFFEDGE collection in black and grey. The grey suit is my personal favourite. My wife has been pestering me to take an OOTD when I wear it to Court. But I tell her I can't sayang. Not when I'm working. So she took a quick OOTD before we set out for the aereMEN x RUFFEDGE launch. I only managed to attend the launch because I had a trial on that day but it was vacated, freeing up my afternoon to bring my wife out for her event. One of the many hazards of the profession. You spend months and months preparing for your case, only for it to be adjourned on the flimsiest of reasons and you have to prepare all over again on the next date. Anyway, she wore my navy aereMEN x RUFFEDGE KYLE Shirt which is way oversized for her but she made it work with the collar and cuffs exaggerated over her white aere jacket. She really knows her stuff. 

Now THIS is a professional pose. I have much to learn, much much to learn.
Lawyer / bodyguard / hitman / waiter for hire (okay let's wrap this up).

The tradition of wearing black and white in Court originated sometime in the 15th or the 16th century. That's really stood the test of time, innit? I'm told that classic, timeless and yet modern was what the collection is going for. Similar to RUFFEDGE, who have stood the test of time, being titans of their industry for 20 years, and still going strong.

I can only hope and pray I last that long and make my mark in my own industry. And with that, I conclude my professional husband duty for my wife.

The Kingpin. Have you watched Daredevil Season 3? MIND-BLOWINGLY the best series on TV. Ever.

Final picture for this entry. With my law and light

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