Hijab Tutorial 5 : Video : On-The-Go Hijab Style

12:01:00 PM

Hi guys, I'm back!

It has been a long long while since my last blogpost, what more a hijab tutorial. Seriously. The last tutorial was FOUR YEARS ago!!! Probably just before I stared aere. 

So due to lots and lots (and lots) of requests, today I'm going to share with you a tutorial on how I always wear my scarf these days. On-the-go. It's actually very similar to the one that I did previously but I have discovered a simpler way to wear it. 

A disclaimer though, I didn't record this in a studio or indoors or anything. I was actually in the middle of an OOTD session with Razan for this grey outfit, it was raining, windy and the lighting was good and suddenly I just felt like doing a hijab tutorial. So random but here it is. I didn't plan to actually blog about this but after I posted the OOTD pictures on IG where I also asked whether any one person would want a tutorial, I got a number of yesssses and that was a lot and definitely enough for me to come out with this blogpost specially for those who requested. 

So, here's the full video . :

If you want to watch the shorter, just 1-minute version, see below :

Steps :

1. Put on your inner. It is important that your inner is steady so that your scarf will be secure. Adjust your shawl over your inner with one end shorter than the other. The shorter end should roughly fall at or below your chest.

2. Pull both sides of the shawl near your ears behind and use a safety pin to pin it at the back of your neck to cover the inner and tighten the shawl up. 

3. Wrap the short end of the shawl under your neck to the opposite side and adjust it accordingly to cover your neck.  Secure the short end behind your opposite ear with a pin (1st Pin).

4. Then bring and wrap around the longer end of the shawl completely over your head from the front and place it over your head.

5. Place a pin (2nd Pin) behind your ear on the longer part of the shawl to fasten it in place.

6. Then place another pin behind the other ear (3rd Pin).

7. Pin the top part to hold the shawl in place (4th Pin).

8. Then you can adjust and play around with the scarf to suit your face shape or mood. Sometimes I prefer a looser fit on those carefree weekends, also because I feel like it makes my round face looks slightly slimmer haha! 

Other times I like to secure the scarf very tightly for a more cleaner look, especially during events where you don't want any scarf malfunctions happening, if you get what I mean. 

Let me know if the tutorial is helpful or otherwise. Share some comments so maybe I can improve myself in sharing a tutorial in the future. Good luck trying! 

Anyways, for this tutorial, I am wearing the recently released #aereSCARF ! The plain aere scarves with aere's signature gold charm comes together with all the purchases you make for a piece of ABAYA from 
aere's PEACE collection as showcased in Dubai recently.

Below are pictures of me wearing the same scarf in different colours.

Anyways, if you're interested in getting your hands on #aereSCARF, click this link : aere. 

Good luck and spread the love!

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