Eid Eve in Vintage Batik and Japanese Lace

11:40:00 AM

How's your Syawal month everybody? 

So Eid came 5 days ago and I have just gotten some time to blog. Sharing some photos of the day before eve. That day I was running errands with Khubayb from 8am and these shots were actually taken on the way to the airport when Khubayb had to stop at the petrol station. Was supposed to meet my family and relatives for our annual last buka puasa (break fasting) before Eid but because of some issues at the airport, delayed flight we only broke our fast in the car and arrived at my aunt's house pretty late for the gathering. That's a first for me as we have never missed the buka puasa at my aunt's place. I shared about our Eid Eve tradition in "Raya on Fire 2013 : Night Before Eid".

Anyways, on to what I wore that day. A fusion of modern and traditional, just the way I like it!

The vintage Indonesian batik skirt and scarf were passed down to me by my mother from many many many years ago. It's amazing that it is still in very good condition as it is very well kept. She asked me to choose whichever that I would like to have just a few days before Eid. 

I paired the matching scarf and skirt with aere's white Japanese lace top from the RAINE Duo in Off White.  It's so easy. My go to top right now if I want to wear batik, prints or anything more bold as my skirt or scarf. It just neutralises the look if you get what I mean. And if you've seen my looks over the years, you would know that I don't mind wearing the same design, piece, in the exact same colour over and over again by just creating different looks with it. It's the whole point I created here pieces, to be able to be mixed and matched in different ways.

Hope you have had a blessed and happy Eid filled with reflection, peace, joy, happiness and love. Forgive my recent absence here and forgive me for my past mistakes or if I have offended or hurt you in any way.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin everyone. 

Outfit Details 
Mom's vintage batik skirt with matching scarf
aere's top from the RAINE Duo in Off White (Only XS left as of now)


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