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Hello from Dubai!!! I've been wanting to blog about this before I flew to Dubai but it has been so hectic! I didn't have the time to even upload anything on Instagram since I landed in Dubai. I'm gonna share about my blogger friends from both Indonesia and Singapore that I met the day before I left for Dubai. Diana Rikasari and Dalillah Ismail.

I was invited to Schmiley Mo's event with Diana Rikasari at FV by Jezmine Blossom and Vivy Yusof. I wasn't sure whether I could attend or not yet as I was busy with Dubai's preparations and the events was just a day before I fly to Dubai. So it also meant it's the last day I get to spend with my family before I fly off and go away for 9 days after leaving them for work just last month to London! 

But I wanted to go since it's been a long while since I met the fun, bubbly and cheerful Diana. We last met when we showcased together for the first time at Jakarta Fashion Week in 2016, we were backstage together at the time and we did hang out before and after the show and before that we first met in Jakarta at a sisterhood event in 2014 before I started aere. We gave a talk together with Nurul and the late Shea Rasol at Dian Pelangi's event.

In between we only see each other through social media and I remember going to Diana's London fashion show during London Fashion Week last year wearing their edgy and fun black tweed oversized jacket  but Diana was pregnant at the time so she wasn't there and remember wearing one of my favs from them, a colourful reversible jacket, and the other side is blue. Love that one!

Anyways, since Jezmine said that its a launching of Schmiley Mo's kids line and I can bring my kids, I said yes and I'm glad I went! I didn't want to leave my kids at home because its already hard leaving them for the Dubai work trip so I wanted to spend the last day with them too.

After the event at Fashion Valet's store there's a hi-tea event at Ben's also in Pavilion. Had a great time meeting friends in the industry as well as new friends over tea, rojak and scones.  Thanks Diana and Jezmine for having me and congratulations on the launch of Schmiley Mo Kids! All the best !

Oh by the way, Diana and I are both in Dubai now! So the day after the SM events last Saturday our flight was on Sunday morning and we're doing a show together here in Dubai! More about that soon!!!

When I was having the tea with Schmiley, my husband and the kids were at a nearby table and Khubayb suddenly told me that Fattah and Dalillah is in KL just arrived from Singapore and they're coming to Pavilion. It became a spontaneous, short and sweet meet up. So happy to see them both! So they came to Bens and they get to me both of my kids for the first time too and we had a lovely  catch up session after the event with Schmiley.  Thanks for babysitting Elhan and Evren with Khubayb while I was at the hi-tea event guys hehe. I last met Dalillah backstage at Singapore Fashion Week last year and if I'm not mistaken we last met in KL or was it Singapore. But usually when either of us are in KL or Singapore for work or holiday we try to meet each other. It was random and impromptu but I'm glad we get to see each other again.

All schmiles at the event and even my kids Elhan and Evren enjoyed it. 
They're so mesmerised with the  cute and adorable Diana and the cute deco of course!

Dalillah, Fattah with Khubayb, I and the kids

Wearing aere's BAILEY Pants from CHANGE collection and AURORA Top from aere's LIFE collection with Sugarscarf.


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