KL to Dubai, Round 2

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Hello again from Dubai! I can still remember the first time I blogged in Dubai, last December 2017, just 3 months ago... I had a problem with the blogger server as everything turned into Arabic when I signed in and I couldn't change it back to English. And the alignment was on the right instead of the left. (See HI FROM DUBAI)I still couldn't fix that post and I remember after that I blogged from my phone for the next few posts because I just couldnt fix it. But, I've found a way to do so with the help of Mr Google and here I am blogging for the second time for this trip about sunny Dubai.

I left KL on the 25th last Sunday morning. My kids were still asleep when I left home to go to the airport.

The 7-hour flight from KL to Dubai was so bumpy... Filled with turbulence because of the weather, maybe. And there were a few instances when it was so bumpy that my body sort of jumped off the chair and some others had their drinks spilled. Some people even screamed actually. I took out the safety instruction and read it after I heard people screaming 😅 

I took some photos on air and it's gorgeous from above as always. I watched one and a half movie (half because I didn't finish it). I watched a Russian movie called Loveless, took photos, eat, drink and slept. I was lucky that the 2 seats beside me were empty most of the time so I could stretch my legs for a bit.

Anwyays, I will share more below each photo that I share here in this post!

  • Familiar sights as soon as I reached Dubai airport as I was just here 3 months ago for @aere’s first fashion show in December 2017.

  • This time around, the second round or my second trip to Dubai is again for aere, for work. I'm also in the midst of a mentorship course and session  for aere here in Dubai. We just had our second fashion show here in Dubai together with other brands brought by @fashionvaletcom. aere  was invited to come up with new Abaya pieces for a Ramadhan collection (already released online on the same day of our show on the 27th March 2018) which I will share more in different posts soon. We are also participating in a 5-day exhibition together with other brands and designers also brought by FV which includes public fashion video presentations by each brand at the Dubai City Walk organised by IFDC. Check out @aere’s IG for more details on the event. 

 More familiar sights captured from the cab from the airport to our hotel.

Bye my dearest beautiful KL, Malaysia. ❤️ 

The husband sent me off that Sunday morning. I had this breakfast with the husband at the airport before boarding and had kurma chicken on flight from KL to Dubai.

  • During the flight I managed to take this shot just to share the story of @aere’s PEACE collection that was just released a few days ago. We first showcased the PEACE collection at Burj Park for Dubai Modest Fashion Week few months ago in December 2017 and @aere’s debut Abaya collection which was showcased at The Cove Beach here in Dubai few days ago for @fashionvaletcom’s Ramadhan Abaya collection is an extension of the PEACE collection in terms of story, colours, theme and concept. Swipe to the right to read about the story and head on to @aere’s IG to see more of the recently released PEACE collection, featuring Abaya and scarves for Ramadhan made of luxurious and high end Japanese fabrics. Oh and apart from getting @aere’s scarves with each purchase of the abaya, you will get this story note card too (while stocks last) (Wearing @aere’s ELLIA Top) 

I lost my SIL's neck pillow (See my post OFF TO LONDON from last month), got her a new one and bought one for me too in London. But, I left it at home and only realised after I checked in. 😏 Haih, Sabrina so forgetful. So got this new one in in blue and it matches my #duckscarves so why not and of course my fav colour! I wasn’t confident enough to do a close up selfie of my no makeup bareface the last time I travelled last month to London also coz I had conjunctivitis at the time but here’s one, almost there. ❤️ (Wearing @aere’s ELLIA Top from KL to Dubai)

Entering Dubai

  • “Look at earth from outer space
    Everyone must find a place
    Give me time and give me space
    Give me real don't give me fake
    Give me strength reserve control
    Give me heart and give me soul
    Give me time give us a kiss
    Tell me your own politik” 
    Seeing and witnessing these views from above reminded of one of my all time fav Coldplay song, POLITIK. 

    Gorgeous views I captured from above United Arab Emirates. We are just so so small.

Neutrals with hints of blue. So much love!

Sights at the airport

Burj Khalifa spotted on the way from the airport to our hotel! The tallest building in the world at the moment.

Our first room. At 3am before our flight our AirBNB cancelled on us. Haz had to search for a whole new airBNB or hotel at the very last minute just few hours before we left! So this is the one but because it was last minute the check in was so late. We arrived at around 2 pm and only got our room at about about 4.30pm. And its a temporary room with 1 bedroom just for a day as our original room with 2 bedrooms was only booked for the day after.  Turns out to be okay as there were just 2 of us that day and only the next day our 2 other roommates will arrive.

Bought some food from the grocery store and saw people capturing photos of this car so... I'm definitely not a car person.

The place I'm staying in Dubai!

This was around 5 something in the afternoon Dubai time, the day I flew to Dubai. Freshen up a bit after the long flight and long wait for our room. It was already 9pm KL time but I was ready for a learning and the mentorship session I came to Dubai for. Will share more soon!


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