Off To London

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And we’re off to London! 

Okay I’m writing this from London, a few days after I arrived and managed to settle down from a pretty hectic few days. It's the 3rd day of Pure London today and I'm going to get ready in a bit, OOTD and head straight to Pure!

It was a 13 hour flight for the aere team and I from KL to London on the 9th of February 2018. We had 11 luggage bags with us excluding 9 boxes/parcels which were already shipped by air the week before for our events in London. We arrived at the airport early for our early morning flight. However, the flight was delayed for 1 hour. I slept only an hour the night before to finish packing but the flight was smooth with a little turbulence. It wasn't a full flight so I got to use another chair to rest. 

It's just four of us. Me, Pat and Haz this time and Khubayb came along to support and help out too for Pure London and though out our stay. Plus, aere will be having our first fashion show in London and so Khubayb wouldn't want to miss it hehe. Oh and extra manpower, yay!

I watched 2 movies as well on flight. The Glass House and Family Man. Both family themed movies. Got me all so emotional especially after leaving my family behind again for work. Hehe. Allowed myself to be emotional for awhile so that I can get back up on my feet when I arrived in London and just focus on the purpose of the work or business trip. 

Anyways, I'm sharing some photos captured from KLIA to London Heathrow Airport. I'm always awed by the amazing creation of the sky, the clouds and the beautiful view whenever I fly and I will never tire of it. God is Great.

Window seat for me is a must! Captured this just as we departed from KL.

The amazing ray of sunlight over the city of London.

While waiting for our luggages at the London Heathrow Airport.

Dubai - KL - London. Bye, wish us well k! ❤️ Here with Khubayb, aere's volunteer / all-time-behind the scenes secret part-timer joining the aere TEAM this time 😁 Haz & Pat

Only slept 1 hour for an early morning flight. My mother @norhafizahnasarudin and sister @lisavariosa woke up at 4am to send us off to the airport. I have no makeup on at all as I’m still recovering but look at my mom so on point! and she’s wearing @aere some more. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

1 hour delayed and waited on flight but arrived safely in London and that is all that matters, Alhamdulillah. Delay or no delay. Queuing at the UK border when I posted this on IG. It was a very longg queue. On a side note, found my previous Oyster card for the tubes whilst spring cleaning recently. Yay, for walking around the city in tubes!

Flight delayed... Thank you @lisavariosa for lending me your pillow support. Don’t know where’s mine 😂 Oh and I’m just not confident enough to do a close up selfie of my no makeup bareface. But, Alhamdulillah my conjunctivitis went away... ❤️

As soon as 🛬 landed in London, still on flight. This is another level of support @kneok. Thank you for being an amazing husband, a great father to our children, best lawyer in town and also an awesome Instagram Husband to me. Blessed with a multi-tasker. ❤️ (Btw, I put on a lil makeup before we landed for this shot 🙈)

Another travel for @aere! May all goes well and may everything reach safely. We have sent 9 boxes and now we have 11 bags with us! Phew.

That's all for now. It's really super cold here  (and I have low tolerance of cold weather) and although our schedule is packed and it can get tiring with the jet lag, I'm loving the adventure. Hope I'm able to update more here in London!


(Wearing @aere’s HADREA Pants and my mom’s overcoat)

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