Family Weekend Getaway

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Finally we had our very first beach party, just us four for Elhan's 1st Birthday! 1 month belated but I think it is worth the wait for Elhan. Elhan enjoys the water, beach and sand so it's a real treat for him. Can't say the same about Evren though since he is still so small and he doesn't really like water and sun at this stage. It’s Evren’s very first time at the beach and Elhan’s 3rd time. Evren’s first trip outside KL. It took us about 6 hours to get there (coz of all the stops that we needed to take). 

Elhan picked out his very own first seashell (he is playing with it in the photo above) and Khubayb used it to scribble our sons names on the sand using that shell on 6th January 2018. (I totally brought it back to KL as a souvenir) I wanted to do the scribble on the sand on 7.1.18 as it marks another special date celebrating Elhan's monthly birth day (It's his birthday every 7th of the month haha) but it's alright, it is special anyways. It was already a little dark at the time as it was already after sunset when we did it. We spent the afternoon just strolling by the beach, enjoying the view, the sea breeze, walking on the sands and just looking at Elhan being so excited to walk on the beach. Priceless moments.

I actually planned to post this on my blog yesterday on 7.1.18 while in the car on the way back here but it was just not possible while I was sandwiched between the Elhan's and Evren's carseats while Khubayb drove and also surrounded by the many many baby stuffs in the car. Hehe.

So today 8.1.18, I'm sharing some of the weekend highlights of our weekend getaway and it just so happened to be the first weekend of 2018! So grateful, blessed and happy to spend it with my VIPs.

"Just us four and two baby carriers for the weekend. Spending my first weekend of 2018, with my lil family 💙"

That's what I wrote in IG. 

Okay, but actually it is not just us 4 and the two baby carriers. We had a stroller, car seats, another baby sling that I alternatively use for Evren, two different type of floats, a polaroid camera, a DSLR camera which we didn't use because we already have our hands full so we only used our mobile phones to take photos, we brought tons of milk bottles, and diapers though it was just a 3 days two nights trip, definitely over packed, we brought Elhan's toys, matching outfits for them to last a week, snacks, their medicine and thermometer, their own baby toiletries, baby liquid detergent and brush for the bottles, different baby diaper bags for each one of them, and many many more... Hehe. The kids luggage bag turns out to be bigger than Khubayb and I combined. And they also had stuffs which are not in the luggage bar because it had to be easily accessed in the car.

It sounds like a handful to bring two little babies for a road trip and a getaway but in all honesty it is just so refreshing to just be with them, laugh, smile, be silly and ridiculous all weekend and just focus on spending quality family time.  

Elhan and Evren ready for the weekend pool partayyy! 

Can I just freeze this moment forever please? Elhan wanted me to let go while he walk at the beach. It is so cute that he was leading me insead of the other way around. He was just so excited that he walked really really fast towards the sea even though he has just started to walk. I think in my previous post I mentioned that he has already walked 13 steps at once but at the beach I really lost count. He walked so so much every time we go to the beach and looking at him grow is just something I can't even describe. So much contentment and happiness. He's growing so fast. And to think that in about a year's time Evren will be following Elhan's footsteps and grow as well. So so much love...

When it’s no longer easy to take photos of just us two with Khubayb 😅  Elhan wouldn’t let us take photos without him and insisted to join. 

I have to thank Khubayb for this family trip. Khubayb is really an amazing father to my children and is just so hands on with the kids, like really. The kids are also just so blessed to have Khubayb as their father. Of course, on other days on working days he has to go to work also for the family, just like me but when the time comes, and we're not at work he is just so amazing physically with the kids.

Also, this family trip is just what I needed to kickstart my 2018. I really had lots fun! Eventhough this is actually meant to be Elhan’s birthday trip 😁 and yes, the kids had lotsa fun too.

I am blessed and grateful every single day to the Almighty for choosing me to their mother and for choosing Khubayb to be their father. This is fate, This is our meant to be. Alhamdulillah.

Buggy rides to and fro our room. Elhan is excited every time we are on it. Evren couldn't care less, he will just sleep in his car seat. Hehe.

Feeling tropical, hey! #putraelhanisa #putraevrenilyasa

Another moment I want to freeze. One of our favourite pastime. Elhan is just so happy and excited every time he is in the pool. And sometimes just when there's some water touching his skin or I sprinkle water on his face. He just lovessss water.

This one is extra special because it's a pool by the beach.

Elhan still trying to get into the shot.

Yay, we finally get our couple selfie! Ignore Elhan's hands at the side and don't mistake that small little hands as mine!

As happy as we are during the weekend getaway, I can't help but remember my 2 in heaven when it gets quiet during the road trip or when the kids are asleep. Posted this on my IG on 7.1.18.

{Facebook reminded me that I posted this photo exactly 5 years ago and it was just 7 days before I gave birth to my first child, Jibrael. I was on strict bedrest for over two months in the hospital at the time.  She will be 5 years in heaven this 14th January. 5 years can seem like forever but sometimes it can really feel like just yesterday. I’m grateful and thankful for everything. Happy to have my two babies here with me and at the same time missing my two in heaven 💙 Grateful to have them all, my blessings and gifts. #rnadiaTRAVELS

Reposted my own caption at the time. 

“Soaring in the #sky at #sunset. 
That was me #jumping above the #sea in January #2012. 
Its January 2013 now. 
Even though physically constrained, my heart is flying free :) Positive vibes for my baby J. God-willing everything will be alright. :) Photo by @kneok the husband, of course. 

#happythoughts #strength4jibrael #parangtritis #beach #reflection #shadows #throwback #thankful”}


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