The Push I Needed

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This person right here changed my life and in so many ways. She was the one who pushed me to make my blog public 7 years ago. Yes, my cousin Amira Suraya. And as I write this post, I just realised that it's almost 7 years to the day I decided to make my blog public. And here I am now, blogging about my long and overdue catch-up session with my cousin today. 

I really have to thank my cousin Amira Suraya (I always do, but maybe not enough). I first started blogging sometime in 2008-2009 anonymously. She  then encouraged me to make my blog public and blog more seriously and asked me to start to write more. Because of her, I've found comfort in this space and outlet where I can freely express myself. It has helped me personally as a form of therapy and it has also helped me built my business in fashion, as well as open up some opportunities to work and collaborate with a few companies. It has been amazing! I mean, a big factor of me starting aere was this blog and the fact that I am also a blogger so I can't even imagine what would I be doing right now if I did not start to make this blog public. So, thank you Amira for pushing me, encouraging and changing me to be better.

29th January 2011 was the date I decided to make my blog public after blogging anonymously for about 2 years. Wow, that's 9 years of blogging. Of course I had my ups and downs but maybe I will share more about why I blog in about 6 days since it will be's 7th year anniversary!!! This was my first public post: "Going Public, Finally".

So back to the main subject of my post today. My cousin Amira Suraya. I grew up with Amira.  She is my closest cousin on my mother's side together with Ika (Zalikha Anas). I remember when I was about 5 or 6 years old we fought and berebut over a frog soft toy in my first home in KL, Malaysia. That's the oldest memory I have of her I think haha.  

She invited me for a catchup session today since we haven't done so in ages! We usually meet at family events and sometimes we can't really properly talk or update each other there. I feel like I am the kind of person who can talk more in smaller groups too. I think this meet-up has been long overdue since over 1 year ago I think. Can't remember the last time we had a meet-up just the both of us. So many things have been happening with both of our lives for the past year or so but we haven't really had the chance to talk to each other. But we did today. And it turns out to be just what I needed.  She chose a place that I also liked and occasionally order to eat at home. Healthy food. I've also done the La Juiceria detox a number of times. I had the duck wrap which I usually order and she had her customised salad. I feel healthier already! 

But seriously, the highlight of the whole thing is not the food but the conversation that we had. Meaningful and deep conversations. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who you are super comfortable with, who you grew up with and who you can just open up with. There are things that we decide to share and show on social media and there are things that we choose not to or are not able to share. When we decide to make our personal opinions, viewpoints and share our feelings in public there will be consequences, both good and bad. Certain things, we can't even share with anyone. There are moments that you feel so alone and like you have no one to talk to. (Okay maybe that's just me) But at times having someone you're super comfortable with, accepts you for who you are and are not judgmental really helps.  Someone who you're so comfortable with, you feel the push to share more and just, talk.

I feel really good after meeting up with Amira today. Physically (because of the healthy food), emotionally and also mentally (thanks to our conversation). Much love! Thank you Amira for asking me out for lunch today. Thank you for pushing me to blog publicly 7 years ago. And please don't wait another year to catch up outside family gatherings. Ika, join us next time please?

I feel like I just want to talk about it today and capture this feelings on my blog so that I remember it just how I will always remember that date when Amira pushed me to blog publicly 7 years ago. She even shared a post on her blog to push me which I'm sharing below. Oh, I'm sure everyone knows but Amira is also a very accomplished blogger, my senior in the blogging industry even though she's younger than me. 

Just read about Amira's wedding in 01.12.13 : Aqd Nikah : Reza Ikram + Amira Suraya which I shared 5 years ago, beautiful memories, with our late Atok too. LOVE! 

The first and only comment on my first ever public post on this blog. 

Amira's post on her blog the day before I made this blog public. What was I wearing though? OOTD in London at the time.


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