Surprise ! #RNAturns70

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Last week, my cousin Cho invited me to a surprise dinner to celebrate her Mummy's, Enda Cho’s 70th Birthday. It’s the big 70 and of course I didn’t want to miss it. Enda Cho is one of those selfless individuals who is very very loving, caring and supportive of her family members through hardship and ease. As far as I can remember, she has always been there for me and my family through the good times and the bad. When you are at your lowest, going through things where other people prefer to run away or avoid you, she would be the first person to rush by your side and stand by you without you even having to say anything. 

I even mentioned in my previous post 5th Birthday in Heaven that she was there in the hospital throughout my labour accompanying my mum, anxious and worrying for me until past midnight though it was her birthday 5 years ago. She was also there to meet Jibrael my first daughter when she was still alive at the NICU. That was something I’ll remember forever, just by her being there for me when she could have been elsewhere on her birthday. She’s very caring and loving towards all her family members.

Cho was the main organisers of this beautiful event and I think she did an amazing job. It was really great meeting everyone and it was also the first meeting for some of my relatives with Evren. The food was really awesome and the venue was cosy and perfect for the occasion. Thanks Cho and family for organising. 

Even though my Enda Cho is 70, she really doesn't look it! She is still working hard until today with passion, dedication, energy and commitment and that inspires me. She has had an illustrious career and life, but she still works hard for more. There are a lot more things I want to write about my beloved Enda but for now, I’d just like to share the pictures of her big birthday bash which turned out to be a big family gathering, our first for 2018. 

May God bless Ende Cho with good health, happiness, lotsa love and contentment always!

And when I am with them, usually there will be a gazillion of photos! Hehe. These are some that I have selected to keep as memories of this first family gathering of 2018!

Finally Chominara in one sitting, always one person missing before this haha. 
But, happy that all 5 of us were here that night. 
The cousins who are like sisters to me, the ones I grew up with.

Khubayb, Elhan, Evren and I 

The cake!

The ladies - Zara , Cho, Nora, Kak Wawa, Lisa, Fara, Kak Azura

The "SURPRISE" moment

With these beautiful inspiring ladies 
My beloved mother Wan and my aunt Ende Cho
My mother matchy match with me both in full aere :)

Kak Azura 's first time meeting Evren

Cho's outfit matches the deco!
Well done organising Cho this strong mommy of 3!

With glowing pregger Mummy Nora. May you have a smooth pregnancy and may God ease everything for you!

Zara's first time meeting Evren

Elhan with his Tok

My sister Lisa


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