My Fireworks

9:16:00 PM

While most people posted videos and photos of fireworks, during the coming of the new year, I didn't. At the stroke of midnight, I was with these 3 people, my husband Khubayb and my lil kiddos Elhan and Evren. Just chillin', relaxing in peace in the privacy of our own space (okay actually we were at our parents but everyone went out). I wouldn't have swapped that moment with anything or anywhere else.

These photos were captured yesterday when we had lunch with our family members on the first day of 2018. Will find time to blog about that soon but before that I will just like to share about my own version of fireworks. 

I can't remember the last time I watched the fireworks for New Year's. I would go all out, walked in heels, and go through crowded places to watch the fireworks. Maybe high school? Okay, maybe I'm stretching it a lil bit. 

So this post is dedicated to the fireworks in my life right now. My family. 

Elhan has just started walking a few steps. And if you scroll down you can see Elhan being angry at us for not letting him walk. That was his reaction when we were carrying him before we let him walk. He didn't want to be carried, our grown up son. Tsk.

Anyways, the reason we don't want to put him down when we go out most of the time is because he is still at his half crawling stage as well so if he gets tired he will want to crawl and of course we don't want him to crawl on the floors. So that's why we don't usually let him down outside. But, we can't win with him. He screamed so loud that we had to just give in - and not to mention that he's strong as well and will struggle till we give up and will just put him down. 

But the smiles on his face when he gets to stand on his own or sometimes walking while holding our hands, PRICELESS. And he looks like he is loving he new shoes I got him. Woohooo! (His dad also looks happy in his new shoes too, right?) He is such a joy and very friendly with people that someone gave him their birthday balloons. 

Evren on the other hand is very quiet when we bring him out he only cries a little when he wants milk and that's it! (Okay, also if he poops)

But they're just good boys and I'm happy to get to spent the day with them yesterday. 

All of us in neutrals for the first day of 2018! And if you look closely Evren's pants totally matches mine. We were both in corduroy pants! 2018 is extra special because of the fireworks in my life that gets me excited all the time! Okay, maybe not all the time, but most of the time haha. Much love!


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