My Boys

4:47:00 PM

Sometimes, I feel like freezing certain moments and capturing everything when I am with my boys just spending quality time with them. I am blessed this month because when I am not working over the weekend I get to spend some time with my boys. My husband Khubayb and my sons, Elhan and Evren. 

I’ve been wanting to blog about our first theme park experience and getaway outside KL together with Elhan and Evren but haven’t had the time to because there are so many captured moments, it is so hard to choose. So, here’s one of my favorite photos with my boys at the first theme park we have ever gone together. 

Also, one of my favorite photo that I captured of Elhan on the beach on the first weekend of this month when we went for the getaway. He is growing up so fast huhu. 

And last but not least a photo of Evren I captured today, as we tried on Elhan’s songkok on him to prepare him for my cousin’s engagement tomorrow. It fits, yay!


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  1. Your family is very cute.


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  2. Both so cute :)