Movie Night Out

3:48:00 PM

My family and I love to go out on our movie-night outings to watch a variety of movies from all sorts of genres. All of us enjoy watching the movies at the cinema as it gives a different experience than watching movies at home or on the laptop. Though not everyone can make it all the time, we usually try to make sure almost everyone is around to watch the movie. Usually it is quite last minute though and the idea comes from one of the siblings. Last night, my mum, hubs, Khairul, Lisa, Sya and Hariz made it.

Watched Ayat Ayat Cinta 2 with the family last night at 10pm after work. I laughed so hard and  there were moments that I teared up too. It’s a movie with substance but also entertaining. I think Sya and Hariz watched it for the second time too and they still enjoyed it. Love it!

To more moments like this one.

Ending this post with a quote from the movie. 

"Yang patut dicintai adalah cinta itu sendiri dan yang harus dimusuhi adalah musuh itu sendiri." - Fahri, Ayat-ayat Cinta 2. 


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