Feet on the Ground

3:54:00 PM

To remain in a calm or stable condition and to not react extremely emotional and be affected by exceptional changes.

"Keeping our feet on the ground." 

Staying calm. Something I think I've managed to do despite facing certain challenges but at certain trying times I just really need to put more effort in trying to continue doing. So much more. Extra effort. At times when you are dealing with an extremely challenging situation, it's not so easy. I fail sometimes. I'd be lying if I say I've never lost my cool. Especially when we're going through a big change and/or dealing with a stressful situation. Or is it because I'm just personally dealing with anxiety? Is is normal? There are a lot of things that you sometimes just keep to yourself and try to deal with it alone. So how do we really keep our feet on the ground? 

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” - Theodore Roosevelt

We need to aim high, set goals, aspire for more, visualise our dreams and see it happen. Imagining where we will be in the future. To see ourselves achieving our goals or our dreams come true. It is something we need to do and doing it will affect us positively no matter where we end up. Even though sometimes we might not see the positive side of it yet. And a lot of times it just really takes a long while. It feels like forever sometimes. Progress is always good. We just need to take that first step sometimes. But at the same time, the more challenging bit is to not to lose track of ourselves in the process of achieving those goals. Not losing our own personality, our own health, our own self.

I feel I need to remind myself all this in the beginning of this year, 2018.

I think I lost myself for awhile in the process of achieving my goals and dreams. A number of times. It happened again last year. I didn't realise it until someone candidly and casually mentioned it some time last year. When you're set on certain goals you tend to work so hard to achieve those goals that you set for yourself and you just tend to lose track of yourself. It happened to me. I didn't realise it before but now I realise that I did lose track of myself. It's unhealthy. Plain and simple. Unhealthy for the mind, the heart, the emotions and practically will just affect your whole wellbeing. When I realised it I took steps to find my way back, finding myself, being even more open to change and new stuffs but still staying true to my roots and just be myself. I think the time I realised this fact was also the time when I started to blog even more actively last year.

So I'm posting this so that I can be reminded, so that I can help my future self when things get rough or when I start to lose myself again. I'm certainly a work in progress. If anyone else is facing the same situation, I hope that this post will help you reflect about it too.

Keep dreaming, stay grounded, live in the present and see what we need to do to achieve our goals. There a lot of sacrifices that needs to be made whatever it is our goals are. It won't be easy as life is never meant to be easy anyways.  There will be challenges along the way. There will be a lot of set backs and hardships. It can get really crazy at times and seriously sometimes I too just feel like giving up and really it is not a pretty sight. But at the end of the day, I just need to remind myself to keep my feet on the ground, live life at present, take those steps or actions towards those personal goals and just move forward.

Anyways, here's my first look going to the office in 2018 yesterday filled with meetings with my team members revisiting the year that has passed and looking forward to what we are going to work on in 2018. I tried on an aere item yesterday (not clothing) and I'm super duper excited about it! But I can't share about it yet so ergh so germ and I'm trying to contain my excitement here as I'm typing this out. I feel kinda lucky coz now I get to wear whatever I want including jeans going to the office, not something I had the freedom to do when I was in the legal world haha. Paired my new denim jeans with the Images CHANGE Top (one of my fav casual pieces with a touch of bling nowadays, and also aere's EALAIR Textured Jacket, both from the CHANGE collection recently released.  Accesorised with golden sunnies, and bronzy shoes and bag.

Outfit Details  :
aere's IMAGES CHANGE Sequins Top
aere's EALAIR Textured Jacket
Clarks Shoes
Charles & Keith handbag
H&M Jeans

Photos by Hazimah Hanafi


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