Review : Our Blue Room in Dubai

8:13:00 PM

My mood lifted when I see the colours of this room. It's so calming and bring so much peace in the midst of all the chaos and hectic schedule.

In my post Denim Skirt Blue Sofa in Dubai I shared about how impressed I was when I saw the room because of the different shades of blue. Not just that. Since it's like a hotel slash apartment, it was the perfect choice for us to stay in with all the 9 or 10 luggages that we have with us consisting of all the aere pieces that we brought for the fashion show, our booth as well as my own OOTDs.  So at times it because like our operation room as well other than a just a place for us to stay in.

There are 2 spacious rooms plus a living room, dining room and kitchen. There's a microwave, washing machine and dryer too! It's really complete, plus there's a grocery shop just nearby where we bought our meals and frozen food for our lunch and dinner. We rarely eat out and usually have quick lunch or dinner in between our schedule at the apartment. It's really so convenient.

Sorry I didn't manage to capture the photos of the rest of the apartment but it was actually captured in video which I will find the time to edit (one day, I'm trying my best!). But if you want to check it out, google 48 Burj Gate and you will find lots of photos online.

I'm really happy with the choice made by the team and plus, I get to take some of my OOTDs inside the room as well, just like this one. The backdrop of these photos is at the dining area and it's so pleasant to look at for me personally and I love how those deco flowers are so abstract.  Not to mention, while I was posing for this shot I was actually facing the Dubai skyline view since we stayed at level 35. I feel like when you have an ambience or a backdrop like this, even though we tend to be stressed out at certain points but it somehow makes it all better. At least, that's how I truly feel at that time.

Hats off to the team for choosing a great place to stay in! I love it! It's so aere and I'm just so happy with it. If we ever ever go back to Dubai again, I really wouldn't mind staying at the same place. It's also just next to the Metro and we could actually walk to the Dubai Mall (10 minutes walk using the esclator bridge). Comparatively, with other hotels, the price is very reasonable too! So for me, if you're going for a business trip with about 3/4 people, this place comes highly recommended. And this is my honest review, no one paid me to say all this. Hehe. I think that it will also be suitable for family trips.

By the way, I'm wearing aere's AURORA Top which was just released in new colours including this blue after a lot of demand from so many people. It was sold our in a day the last time it was restocked and so we came up with even more colours this time and it might be the last time we are restocking so check them out before your size runs out!

Photos by Hazimah


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