Last Team Meeting in Pink

7:42:00 PM

Is it really already the second last Friday of the month? The long weekend is near and I'm going to try and spend as much time with my loved ones this weekend before work starts next Tuesday! This year has been an amazing year for me personally and work wise, through the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride called life.

aere had our last team meeting for the year before some of my team members go off for their much deserved long holidays (Will still be having production and design meetings next week for our next 2 collections though, so sorry production and design team no long hols for you hehe). This year has been amazing and its all because of the amazing team work in my growing and expanding team. We have been travelling like crazy and it wouldn't have happened without the team's hard work. We had a discussion for the upcoming year 2018 and there are some pretty amazing and exciting projects in the works! Can't wait to work on it and share with you guys soon!

Anyways, I wore this all pink outfit on the day of the meeting last Wednesday, and when I asked Hazimah to help me OOTD this, she told me that it's already sold out! We have just released it and its the 3rd time aere has restocked this top! The top I'm wearing is also a new shade of pink and it's sold out again! I'm really thankful but I can also understand why you guys love it, because I love this top too, I can dress it up or down and it's just super comfy and flattering! Hidden features for nursing mums too *wink*

Seeing someone wearing aere gives me butterflies even till now, seeing the pieces on the racks when I went to FV Pavilion the same day I had this team meeting, and also after spending some time with my mom and sister for mom's birthday also still gives me an unexplainable high - just to see the finished piece that has undergone so many processes from the imagination in my brain combined with my talented design and production team, sampling, fitting, trying 'em on again and again till we get the final piece before I approve it for production to the finished product in the stores, and finding out when any of aere's designs are sold out is just something that makes me feel so grateful. 

Thank you to those who made this happen, who purchased, who supported and who has been loving aere by supporting us in your own different ways. All praises to the Almighty for this blessing. 

Anyways, I paired the new pink AURORA with aere's TAINA Pants and Sugarscarf as well as my current fav pink accessories.

Happy holidays and have fun travelling for those who are travelling!


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