Final Weekend of 2017

1:00:00 PM

Love and life. It is the last weekend of the year, and I can't be more grateful for 2017. Thankful for my growing family. Thankful to my amazing husband who is also a great father to my children. Just feeling so blessed. 2017 has really been crazy amazing. 

I am posting the first few photos of my lil but expanding and growing family here in the blog and it really seems surreal. Of course I will always miss my other two children in heaven but having my 2 light of my life, my 2 bundle of joys here on earth is just a different kind of experience, altogether.

Right now, we just went out of the hospital for Elhan's and Evren's scheduled checkup and I'm stealing some time, typing this out in the car while we go to our next destination just spending some quality time together over the long weekend for the new year. 

May we all be protected for the up coming new year 2018. See you soon 2018!

No matter how your hair looks like, I will always love you. Hehe.


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