Elhan’s Happy Cake

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Our joy and blessing. So, I shared about Elhan's First Birthday recently and now I'm going to share about Elhan's first ever cake and the cake-cutting ceremony. When we did this Elhan was 9 months old and coincidentally the arrow at the pocket watch on the cake is pointing at the number 9 hehe. We try to make it a point to celebrate his day of birth every month but in different ways as each month he grows older we, Khubayb and I thank God that we are so very blessed with this great gift being our Putra Elhan Isa. 

When I ordered the cake, I wanted it to be all shades of blue and white to suit the theme of the whole event. I also wanted the design to be abstract with little baby details like bottles, pacifiers, lollipop (even though Elhan can't have lollipop yet hehe). And I wanted the 2 words that best describes who Elhan is to us at this moment to be transcribed there : Joy and Blessing.

Of course at this moment Elhan couldnt talk and express what he wants yet so when I did the cake I asked for something that expressed how he has been a joy and blessing to us. I ordered the cake with Kek & Co by Satira Diana and I've known Satira since I was still in high school many many years ago (I remember 17 years ago practising and rehearsing Missy Eliot's song for a performance that didn't happen with Ruzana at Satira's house haha but that is besides the point). When I got the reference and inspiration photos of the cake from Satira based on the concept that I wanted, I showed it to Elhan and Elhan was so excited! He giggled and laughed and I knew I just had to order this cake. And when I saw it I fell in love (wait is this Elhan's birthday or mine haha). But really, I was so happy to see Elhan's first ever customised cake.

Since I knew that I wouldn't be there on his 1 year old birthday, we decided to cut the cake and celebrate it way in advance on the day we did his aqiqah ceremony earlier this year.  We cut the cake together surrounded by our closest family and friends and then I gave him a teeny weeny little bits of crumbs of the cake. And then after that all of us forgot to eat it till the event ended. We were just talking to everyone who came, taking photos and it completely made us forgot about actually cutting the cake and serving it. We really wanted everyone to have a taste of the delicious cake but that didn't happen. It was too pretty that everyone forgot to cut it and eat it! We only ate it at home and since the day after the aqiqah event was Eid al-Adha, we cut the cake and gave it to my side of the family and then the husband's side of the family when we went for our Eid visits. 

So so much life, love, joy and contentment. All praises to the Almighty for bringing this joy and blessing into our lives.

Photos by Sharil Omar


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