Elhan's First Birthday

5:17:00 PM

So Elhan turned 1 year old recently. 12 months old. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds.

Every second counts. When we are spending time together. When we are apart because of work or anything else. All the moments that he is alive and healthy is a gift and a blessing. Whatever that I went through before has taught me that life is short and I must always be thankful for this borrowed life. All praises to the Almighty that one year has passed for Elhan. He has passed 31,536,000 seconds. All thanks to Him. 

Nothing in this world is easy. It is not meant to be. But life is made easier when there is love. Especially the unconditional kind.

I was in Dubai on the date of Elhan’s first birthday and I knew a few months before that I would not be able to be there with him on his first birthday because of other obligations in relation to work. So, when we had a small event with some of our closest family and friends earlier this year especially for him, I decided to celebrate an advanced birthday for him then, so we did the whole cake cutting ceremony for him. We even changed his outfit for that too. Also when my immediate family gathered for celebrations recently in my post Celebrating Family, we sang the birthday song for Elhan in advance too! Other than for his Uncle Hariz, Aunty Sya and his Mama.

Spent this weekend at the theme park and playground with the kids since its my first free weekend here after spending time in Dubai for work and before that, the hospital with Elhan.

To me, everyday with Elhan is a celebration of life and love. As much as he fills our lives with joy, love and laughter, I want nothing but all that and more for my dearest first son, my lil Prince, Elhan. May you grow to be a good son, blessed with lots of love and contentment, be protected always, and be happy and succesful in this world and the Hereafter. 

I love you always and forever, sayang Mama, Putra Elhan Isa.


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  1. Your baby is a very cute baby.




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