DUBAI : aere PEACE in the News

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aere is in the national news, both in United Arab Emirates and also Malaysia!!!

Today, aere is featured in Utusan Malaysia with the title aere di Pentas Peragaan Dubai at the Mega Rona section, so I just want to document it and the other features here today. 

We were featured twice in the National UAE newspaper too. I first saw the first feature in the National UAE newspaper a few days before we flew to Dubai through ThinkFashion's Instagram, I was at the hospital with Elhan at the time. You can read the article Franka Soeria and Ozlem Sahin, duo behind Modest Fashion Week on their vision, emerging designers and a global shift here.  (I've shared some photos of that feature at the end of this post too.

And the second feature, I got to know about it from Iqa Rasol 3 days after I got back from Dubai on 14th December, the same day aere was featured. She got it from Franka and forwarded the photo below to me. It's definitely a mark for aere. It might look small to some but to me its something that I'm really grateful for to know that the media in UAE supports the only brand in Malaysia who participated in the Dubai Modest Fashion Week this year. According to Franka the National is the biggest English newspaper in UAE.

Anyways, Iqa is my dearest late Shea Rasol's sister whom I dearly miss and she was the one who actually approached me about Dubai Modest Fashion Week and gave the organisers my contact number. She kept on asking and follow up with me about the DMFW till the day we decided to go for it. Thank you Iqa for being a part of this big milestone and for hooking us up.  All praises to the Almighty for this blessings the past 3 and a half years for aere since it started and for achieving yet another milestone.

I've  also blogged about Dubai in my post aere in Dubai. Will share the looks pretty soon!


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