C H A N G E on the Runway : Singapore Fashion Week 2017

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So aere has really been going places and this year we have travelled so much together as I mentioned in my previous posts. I know for a fact that aere wouldn't have made it this far without the support of my blog readers who started to support aere when aere had zero followers on Instagram 3 years ago. Now, we have 113,000 followers on IG and aere really wouldn't have made it this far without everyone's constant love and support. It is a collective movement and not just about just a brand or an individual. 

On 28th October 2017, for the first time ever, aere had our fashion show at Singapore Fashion Week 2017 at the gorgeous venue National Gallery Singapore, which just so happens to be on aere's 3rd Birthday or 3rd Anniversary. This post marks another special milestone for aere and for all the love and support that aere and I have received, I really feel like giving on this Friday. So to thank everyone who has supported aere, and shared your #wearaere photos on IG this is also going to be a giveaway post so scroll down to know more. 

I'm feeling really grateful and because of that we are doing a giveaway here before the year ends! Will share how two lucky readers can win a piece from aere's CHANGE collection at the bottom of this post. Before that, let me share the official photos of all 8 looks showcased and presented on that historical day for aere.  By the way, aere just had a big release today of the CHANGE collection so most of the designs that you see in this post are already available online now.

So before sharing about the giveaway, here are the 8 looks showcased in its exact order.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

As mentioned above, really, aere wouldn't have gone this far without the love and support from everyone. It all started from this blog and the support of all my readers here so here's me trying to give a little back. I would like to do a giveaway here where 2 of you can actually win any aere piece from the CHANGE collection of your choice! 

Just share with me in the comment box below 
1) which is your favourite CHANGE on the Singapore Fashion Week runway look from the photos above ? 
2) what does CHANGE means to you?

Easy peasy! I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Liza Masrina IbrahimDecember 15, 2023 at 3:39 PM

    My favourite CHANGE on the Singapore Fashion Week runway is number 1 and no 8.

    CHANGE to means life, love , hope... (I love how Aere is able to link all of this together)

    In LIFE constant change is what makes us who we are. Changing us to be a mature better person.
    When we find LOVE our focus changed.. our goal changed.. We learn to love ourselves to be able to love others. We learn to let go in the name of LOVE while we realize there is much greater love from our creator than the love from us the humble servant.
    As we face changes in life we never give up HOPE.. as that is what probably keep us going.. to strive for the best.. to get up each time we fall.. to believe theres always a better tomorrow as long as we hold tight to our beliefs..

    Change is what all of us need to constantly remind us of who we were and aim for the best in life.

  2. My favourite CHANGE look would be 8! Super love the combination of the top and skirt.

    Personally, change to me is about striving for the better good as an individual. So it really doesn't matter if the change is slow or rapid, a change in hairstyle or personality, a true change is when one chooses for his or her own, without the need to justify to others about it. So as long as the change im doing is creating positive impact for myself and the society, then all is well. At the end of the day, only we know what is the change we want to do and for what purpose.

  3. Salam,

    Congratulations on yet another milestone for Aere. I pray for the success of this brand and may it be recognised world wide.

    My favourite look would be look number 6.
    And for me....

    To change is to take a leap of FAITH of things that you are uncertain of.
    To change is to TRUST the Almighty's plans is always the best.
    To change is to ACCEPT the possibilities of good and bad outcomes.
    To change is to LOVE unconditionally of what you had and what you will have.
    To change is to HOPE that it will bring you to a better place than yesterday.
    To change is to be WHO YOU ARE and a better version of yourself.

    I pray for the succces of this brand and for the entire Aere's team.

  4. Salam and Hi Dear☺, first of all, congrats on your GORGEOUS aere change collection and happy 3rd anniversary ������!

    My favourite and most awaited pieces to launch from this collection would be Look #8! I have been eyeing and falling in love with this piece since the first time I saw it ❤

    For me CHANGE means undergoing a metamorphosis from good to better situation. Some changes are intentional but most of it are actually serendipitous.

    For me, the most impactful change happened unanticipated, in the event of becoming a mother to my son, Ardan. I am grateful to Allah to be fortunate enough to be able to go through this phase which I believe could be the greatest CHANGE is mankind's life. Becoming a mother or a parent is a truly life changing experience.

    Before I had children, I experienced loving and being loved in many ways; my parents, siblings,best friends, husband, bff, and even cats. However, the moment I became mother to Ardan, my love capacity has increased beyond what I could have imagined. Never had I thought that I could love anything or anyone to that extend and till this date, the love keeps growing just like Ardan himself. 


    Being a mother wiped out my selfishness and created altruism in me. It is never about me anymore but him or others in need. The fact that a person is fully depending on you and you changing your priority to that person, still awes me everytime. Amazingly, I find myself understanding and appreciating my own mother better. Thanks Mama! There is no love on earth like a mother’s love for her child even after they poop or pee pee on you few times!

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  6. I love Look 6

    CHANGE for me is to be a better person to live our own life.

    Constant change, even the small ones, will ensure our life is fun and beneficial.
    Have faith in Allah always to ensure our change is to be nearer to Him and please Him.
    A life without change means nothing or it means you are dead.
    Never downplay the effect of the small change even for your clothes.
    Greatness and creativity could come easily for those who can adapt to changes accordingly.
    Enjoy the life with all those changes.

  7. Hi dear. Big applause & congratulations to you & the team who work really hard for giving the best outfit to all your fans. Thank you for organizing this giveaways and i pray that the business will be more successful.

    1) My favourite CHANGE on the Singapore Fashion Week runway look is No 4.

    2) What does CHANGE means to me is everybody need a change in their life, not focusing on a big changes. Small changes in our life will be giving new breath & environment for us to start over.
    For example, today we live in a stressful environment, but tomorrow we can CHANGE our way of thinking & seeing things in different ways. Even it is only a small CHANGE in how we seeing things differently, but at least it will reduce the amount of that particular stressful area.
    Some of this CHANGE is very crucial & important on how we can continue our lives together with all the challenges around us.

    CHANGE also make us feel more energized than before, we can manage how we accept any fate or Qada' & Qadar, make us feel the love of Allah everyday.

    As a conclusion, for me CHANGE always matters to everything we do in our life, every aspects of life, every way of managing our life. Just don't ever stop to CHANGE to be better everyday and focusing of doing good deeds as many as we can. Cheers. =)

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