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aere has really been travelling and going places which I honestly never expected when I first started, or at least, so soon after I started. What a roller-coaster ride it's been. Starting from July of last year, we first went to the UK for the first Pure London trade show in 2016, and then in October 2016 to Indonesia for our first international fashion show at Jakarta Fashion Week. 

Then earlier this year, aere packed our bags to go back to the UK in February for Pure London where I also attended London Modest Fashion Week, and then travelled closer to home to Brunei for a major sale right after that to reward some of our most loyal customers. Right after that we went to Singapore for a styling session and meet & greet, then we went back to Brunei for a meet & greet as well as Eid sale where our items were sold out and had to be  restocked and we returned to the Lion City for our first entry to the Singapore Fashion Week show. To end the year, we were invited to the UAE at the Dubai Modest Fashion Week as the only Malaysian brand here in Dubai showcasing a totally new collection as well as exhibiting our pieces at the booth! The location of the event is at Burj Park which is so near the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world at this moment so the backdrop of the show and our booth is the skyline and also the Burj Khalifa itself!

Travelling may sound glamorous but honestly when you travel for work it's anything but as the preparations, the travelling, the logistics, the anything-that-can-go-wrong-will-go-wrong-in-a-foreign-country dramas, and much more, really take out a lot out of you. (Will share about those dramas here soon, maybe) I only managed to get 3-4 hours sleep daily here in Dubai. Being in the hospital right before Dubai was good practice. It can be really hectic, challenging and exhausting. At the same time, of course, travelling just opens up so many doors and meeting new people and opportunities and going to countries I've never been!

And this year, aere has been able to travel only because I have such an amazing, dedicated and hard working team to help me out. Their team work is craze great! Without them, I'd really wouldn't have been able to manage all this alone. It really wouldnt have happened without them. Someone asked me how I juggled being a mom and being so Busy with aere and I said “I have and amazing team” because it’s true and I’m super proud of them. I blogged about my time in the hospital before we went off to Dubai, so pretty much everything was handled by them - and also most of our various travels this past year or so was also down to them (special mention : Pat, Haz and Yana!) I'm just so thankful to have them and having them in aere’s team has indeed been a blessing. 

Anyways, this post is just the beginning of my Dubai series because really I documented so many things here in the form of videos and photos. Till then, here are some photos of aere in Dubai.

The view from my room

Our walkway at Burj Park, I captured this the day before the event.

With Pat, Haz, Yana just outside the #DMFW venue the day before the event during the setup. Love them !

The bridge on our way to the venue on the day of the DMFW event

Captured the Burj Khalifa from the bridge that we need to cross to get to the event on the day of the setup. And Yana’s yellow aere’s LACINIA Top matches that snail hehe.

My smart and beautiful girls who made all of this happen! 

Spot aere!!!
(Hint : 43)

aere’s goodie bags for guests to our show 

The backdrop of our booth, the Burj Khalifa.

Our clean and minimally decorated booth, focusingnon what we are most proud of, our aere designs!

If only you know the drama behind the scenes! But, hey, we still managed to smile in all the photos and videos!

View from my room at night in Dubai.  

Reminds me how tiny and small I am in this big world. Certain things are just beyond our control as there is a higher power controlling everything that happens. All we need to do is give everything our best shot and our 100 percent. The rest is determined by Him. 

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