Questions on a Date

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It’s nice to take some time off with our other halves once in a while. Sometimes life gets so busy and hectic with either work or kids that we forget to go on dates. Although we try to make it a point to steal some time together at least once in a week or twice a week, everyone knows that’s easier said than done for working parents. 

The husband wanted to bring me out on my birthday last Wednesday, after I came back from Singapore for work that Monday. On Tuesday I was working full day from home till about midnight but that Wednesday morning we were at the hospital for more than half a day as our son was not well. After we were settled at the hospital I had work to settle till late night and as much as I wanted to enjoy a little treat on my birthday with my husband, I had to give it a miss.

He then said that we would try to spend some time together this weekend. So yesterday, we went to the hospital again for my son’s check up, injection and ultrasound and Alhamdulillah the result was good. His situation improved and there was no need to be admitted, yay!!! I was pretty worried before the ultrasound but Alhamdulillah our prayers were answered and everything turned out to be fine.

So after we were done, all of us went to my parents place to bring the kids and at about 3 something the husband brought me out to run some errands and buy a few things that we’ve both been wanting to buy for the longest time, and we had a late lunch together, just us two. I think it was about 4pm when we ate 😅

So we were at KLCC and were looking for a place to eat and decided to go to Ben’s. It’s been awhile. It’s a restaurant that I’ve somehow taken for granted because when I was a lawyer at my last firm, my office was just above Bens in Publika and I worked there for the longest time so I think I’ve eaten there a few days a month with my ex-colleagues at the time and also with clients etc. So after that, I would prefer to try other restaurants rather than going to Ben’s.

My fave dish at Ben’s is the Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti as well as the Watermelon Lychee frostee! Yums! So eventhough I checked out the menu and went through it thoroughly again and again, in the end I went back to order the same exact favourite dish yesterday 😅 Im fairly adventurous when it comes to food (really I eat almost everything) but every time I feel like trying new things, when I like something so much at a restaurant I usually just order it over and over again.

One thing I like about Ben’s are the questions that they have on the table and how they encourage the guests to put their phones away, give their fingers and phone a rest and just communicate and start a conversation. I’ve never actually read any of the questions before this but yesterday we decided to go through them. Haha. So after we questioned and answered each other I just laid it down on the table and flatlayed it for memories. They have a mix of deep and silly questions just for fun like:

Q : What is the one thing you refuse to share?
A : AKA : Boxers
A : RNS : You

Q : If you were to be stranded on a deserted island with one other person, who would it be?
A : AKA : You or a chef to cook for me
A : RNS : You

Q : If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
A : RNS : I would probably leave the legal profession earlier so that I could have started aere earlier also. But then again, the experience that I got from the legal profession is really valuable. 
A : AKA : Not do any of the mistakes/bad things I did in the past.

Q : If you could invent something what would it be and why?
A : AKA : a spaceship that can travel the entire universe
A : RNS : A door. When you enter it you can go any part of the world. Something like Doraemon’s magic door.

Q : What movie deserves a sequel?
A : RNS : Shutter Island because I just watched it and I really like it. Silver Linings Playbook too maybe but there’s so many more movies that should have a sequel just because I like it 😂

Q : Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
A : RNS : I don’t want to lose both, but if I were to choose right now at this moment I would rather lose old memories because I would want to make new memories with my kids who are still so young and just start over. If you were to ask me the same question last year, my answer would have been different. Might have been the total opposite. 

Q : Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
A : RNS : Strength. Because those who cry have gone through the worst and it’s not easy to cry in front of people. It might be embarrassing but for some it’s the only way to express pain, hurt and heartbreak.
A: AKA : Depends on the situation. It can be both weakness or strength depending on the circumstances.

Q : If you could offer a newborn child just one piece of advice, what would it be?
A : RNS : Life is short. It’s temporary. Embrace every moment, embrace life.
A : AKA : Be a good person.

Q : If you had your own TV network, what would it be about?
A : AKA : Sports.
A : RNS : Fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I’m thankful for this quiet moment. It wasn’t a grand romantic gesture or anything but just some relaxing quality time for us. I want to remind myself that these quiet moments are also very valuable and I guess I’m writing this to treasure it forever, for my future self to look back at it and just to remind myself of how blessed I am. To have a husband who is like my best friend, who motivates me to be better, who knows me too well, who I’m super comfortable with to do anything with, who’s my shoulder to cry on and also someone who makes me laugh with his silly jokes. 

Thank you Sayang for the random outing yesterday. 

I’m blessed to have you now and if God wills it, till my last breath and ever after till we meet our other children in heaven. InsyaAllah.


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