Meeting in All Pink

9:34:00 PM

After I posted my previous post No Heartbeat earlier today, I got ready, felt like wearing an all pink outfit to go to the office for a meeting with aere’s team. We’re working on the releases of the CHANGE collection and preparing our next international fashion show. I haven’t even blogged about the amazing experience we had at Singapore Fashion Week and now in two weeks time we are leaving for another show and its somewhere I’ve personally have never been to as well. Hope all goes well. The team is also working hard on next year’s Raya collection as well at the moment. As I’ve been working outside of the office and communicating with the team via e-mail and Whatsapp its good to get to meet and update each other on the progress of what’s happening with the different things coming up for aere. 

Its kind of nice getting away with wearing all pink for a meeting. Can’t imagine wearing all pink when I was a practising lawyer hahaha. If I was still in the Corporate world I would wear this pink top, with a neutral coloured pants, a nude scarf, and neutral coloured accessories. Or maybe for safer options, wear this blush top with other black items, black pants, bag, scarf and shoes. But that’s just me. I don’t know why but this look kind of reminds me of the movie Legally Blonde.

But for today, I grabbed everything pink. I’m wearing aere’s EILEEN Top from the CHANGE collection recently released, VERUS Pants, Sugarscarf, pink bag and shoes. I even wore a pink lipstick I received from YSL. Other than the hidden zipper pleated detail of the EILEEN Top, and its comfort, I also love how the longer pleated front of the top is very flattering to the body somehow giving an illusion of a slimmer body. Hehe.


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