JumpSuitable - 10 Reasons Why I Love Jumpsuits

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10 Reasons Why I Love Jumpsuits

1. Comfortable
It’s so easy to run around and walk around town in. Whether its running errands, a weekend day out or going to work, moving about in comfort is one of the biggest factors why I love it!

2.  One piece wonder
There’s no need to wear 2 or 3 pieces of clothing when you wear a jumpsuit. Only 1 piece to put on. No hassle. And this leads to the next reason...

3.  No mix and matching needed
Perfect on days when you are rushing and have no time to think of mixing and matching tops and bottoms. As much as I’m an advocate of mixing and matching, I’m just human and there are days when I don’t have time to really think through my outfits. So, the jumpsuit is the best bet on hectic days where you just need to throw something on and jump out.

4.  Cooling
Of course it depends on the jumpsuit you choose, but for me it always feels really airy (especially non figure hugging ones), breezy and cooling. So it’s perfect for hot weather.

5. Versatile 
Usually jumpsuits are so versatile you can wear it casually, for work or even for events. It just depends on how you style it and how you accesorise it according to your own personal and individual style. It serves as a great base for you to layer.

6. Effortlessly cool
Doesn’t take much effort but it does instantly make you feel stylish when wearing it. As mentioned in my points above, there isn't much effort required in wearing a jumpsuit but I don’t know, when I wear it I instantly feel cool. (At least in my own head I feel 😎) and that boosts up my confidence and self-esteem too.

7. Low maintenance
1 piece to iron, 1 piece to wash and lauder.

8. Easy to style
What is there to think about? Just accesorise! Or if you want to keep it minimal, just wear it as it is.

9. Simple and minimal
The jumpsuit is actually quite basic. It doesn’t feel too much. It’s simple. It's minimal.

10. Flattering
A piece that can give the illusion to make me look taller and slimmer, it’s something that definitely wins my heart over! I feel like wearing a jumpsuit makes me look taller and sort of slimmer than I actually am haha. It does have an elongating effect.

So these are the reasons why I love jumpsuits so much that when aere launched its first collection 3 years ago in 2014 for the Nature of Grace collection, I included aere's first jumpsuit as well. Do you guys remember? 
Yeps! The EDITH Detachable Jumpsuit which revolutionised the concept of a jumpsuit with the hidden zipper around the waist. Apart from being easy to take off while going to the washroom, it also triggered our creative side to mix and match the top or bottom with other pieces or even different coloured EDITH pieces as I’ve worn in my post : Essentially Edith  and Jumpin Jumpsuits! (both posted in Nov 2014). It was also featured in my postings Unzipping the Surprise (posted just a few days before aere's first launch 3 years ago in Oct 2014),  My First Fashion Show : Behind the Scenes (Nov 2014),  Where it All Started : First Campaign Shoot (Feb 2016),  Journey to India 1 : A Whole New World (Dec 2014)  and Journey to India 2 : Leaving My Comfort Zone (Nov 2015). Phew! That's quite a number of posts!That one was more suitable for work, I personally think. 

This post also reminds me of the jumpsuit post Jumpin in Jakarta post published in June 2014, where all the photos were captured by my dearest late Shea Rasol.
Next, we did a jumpsuit for the Essence of Grace collection showcased at aere’s first KLFW which won the Best Womenswear Award in 2015. It has a lots of buttons, but the fabric was more casual. I remember sharing and OOTD of it in London. It was the ALTHEA Detachable Jumpsuit. And then the next 2 jumpsuits are the JENAE and GINIA Detachable Jumpsuit from aere's LOVE collection which was featured at Jakarta Fashion Week. 
So in this post I am wearing aere’s ELISA Jumpsuit in Blush from aere's CHANGE collection which has just launched today. 2 different designs of jumpsuit were released today from aere’s CHANGE collection, the ELISA and the CLARE Cardigan Jumpsuit but here I’m sharing with you what I wore 2 days ago on a Saturday. You can read my post Questions on a Date to see what I was up to that day basically I was out from morning to night time and was at home just for a little while, and all the time I was moving about in this ELISA Jumpsuit.
Can you spot the photographer at the reflection of my sunnies hehe. It's Khubayb aka @kneok.

Apart from all the 10 reasons I've mentioned why I love wearing jumpsuits, one of the things that I think make me feel really good wearing this particular ELISA Jumpsuit is that I think it is flattering to my body shape because of the lines at the side due to the inward pleats detailing. It gives the illusion of a slimmer and smaller body shape. Also the strings when tied up into a ribbon gives a waist-defining effect. The ELISA Jumpsuit like all aere jumpsuits before are not form fitting, so because of that it feels really comfortable and I don’t feel too body conscious in it. 
In my previous post, I wrote that I was actually at the hospital with my son, more than half a day and then went out on a date with the husband and ran errands and looked for and bought so many necessary stuffs that day. Right after lunch when I felt a bit too full after my late lunch I simply just loosened up the ribbons at the waist so that it’s not tummy revealing or waist tugging. Plus it had the cool, relaxed look when it is tied up loosely so it really is up to you whether you want to double tie it tightly for a more defined waist or keep it loose and relaxed since it is adjustable. (Of course the OOTD shots in this post are all captured before I ate, wouldn’t wanna share with you guys my bloated tummy  😅)
It comes in 2 must-have colours for me personally. Two of my favs, a neutral shade of navy blue and the one I’m wearing here in this post a more feminine dusty pink blush shade. The blush one for me works best for a weekend outing or a casual fuss free day out and the navy blue colour works best for working week days as it feels more corporate-ish and more professional looking.
Here I styled the ELISA Jumpsuit with a dusty pink, purplish and silver toned PariPari scarf which was made and given to me by one of my besties slash sisters, Hasanah Hilmi (just realised I wore the same scarf in my post Essentially Edith posted 3 years ago too!) and also paired it with a matching pair of comfortable walking shoes from Clarks which is one of my current fav shoes as well as a similar tone pair of sunnies from Medium Rare Myles Sunglasses in Rose Gold which I bought from FV. The pink reflect lens is just 😍 As you can see since the jumpsuit to me is already a statement piece, I chose to stick to a tonal palette by choosing accessories in the same colour family.

I personally think that aere's ready-to-wear CHANGE Collection that was previewed at the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017 and Singapore Fashion Week 2017 marks an evolution of growth for the brand. There's a ton of fresh design ideas and fabric intertwined that we came up with to showcase both aere's signature sophistication and versatility. The collection is a reflection of growth; embracing change but staying true to yourself. This time around, we made the runway pieces from this collection more exclusive and limited, so if you love jumpsuits, you'd better jump on your computer (or your mobile phone) and grab this soon! 


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