Change is Coming

9:44:00 PM

So, yesterday and today I was at the office to have meetings with the aere team on the releases of the CHANGE collection (first #aereCHANGE release coming this Monday)!!, doing a post-mortem of sorts on aere's Singapore Fashion Week show and trunk show concluded just recently, working on the next aere's international fashion show coming up verrryyy soon THIS YEAR (guess where), and also working on aere's Eid collection too! It's all so exciting!

I'm actually supposed to be on leave now because of a personal family matter or since last week but there are just so many things going on so I've been working from home non stop at the same time juggling being a mom, work, blogging and family but I had to step into the office to get things done and plan for the future. As always, when there are a lot of exciting projects coming up, it also means a lot (and I mean a frigging LOT) of preparation and hard work to get things done on time. Thank goodness for my hard working team members, who really deserve a lot of credit for aere's growth this past year. They are amazing!

Anyways, I've just changed my phone and its all thanks to the husband for surprising me that midnight on my birthday. He knows me too well! Something I've been eyeing coz before this I've always brought my humungous DSLR everywhere I go. So now I'm trying to just use my phone instead so we will see how it goes.

So far, I'm loving it! This is my first OOTD using the phone and it was captured by Hazimah near the office just before my meeting on Eid 2018.

So here's me today wearing aere's NAENIE multi layered cropped top. If I tuck in the inner layer it looks like a cropped top, but without showing skin. One of the things that I love so much about being able to do aere is to hand pick my own fabrics. I still remember the exact moment a few months ago when I first laid my eyes on this gorgeous and soft Japanese fabric. I knew aere had to order it right there and then because it was just love at first touch and sight!!! Anyway, as I was rushing to the office I grabbed a pair of ripped jeans from FV Basics to match it with this top. Also wearing Dida Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick in Hollywood.

This top has received a lot of compliments and comments when it was previewed on the recent KLFW show and when I wore the other design using the same fabric during KLFW in August - and will be released very soon - so keep your eyes out for it! That's right..

CHANGE is coming!


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