Blend of Textures

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Sharing a quick OOTD post of what I wore when I went out to celebrate with my family (READ: Celebrating Family HERE). Since it was a special night, I decided to go for a black and gold theme. It's a classic and trusted combination suitable especially for going out - but for me, what made it even more fun was the blend of textures I combined in this entire look. 

I was wearing the NAELIE Black Cropped Top, a lovely double layered top that really stands out because of the weave-geometrical-like texture of the material used. I was so happy when I came across this Japanese fabric to work on the CHANGE collection as it is very unique and beautiful.

For aere's CHANGE Collection, I focused more on premium and luxe textures on the fabrics to accentuate the designs. The latest two tops released for the CHANGE collection both sold out in a day, the EDERRA Top which I wore at KLFW and received so many positive feedbacks when I shared on IG in August and NAENIE Top which I wore in CHANGE is Coming (click to see). I'm very humbled and happy by the overwhelming positive feedback. At the same time I'm eternally grateful for this blessing.

Those of you who have been together with aere since our first collection Nature of Grace would know that we first started using Japanese fabrics at the time as well, for our first printed piece, The ZERENE Abstract Print Top which was made of high quality voile cotton. This time, we went back to use the lovely Japanese fabrics, albeit for its sophisticated textures, instead of prints. And coincidentally, I'm wearing Japanese fabrics to go have dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Haha! Random!

I paired the NAELIE cropped top with the AUSTEN Flare Pleated Skirt. I mentioned that the NAELIE top was double layered, which basically means that you can choose to tuck it in or wear it free without exposing anything, like some crop tops tend to do.  In my recent post CHANGE is Coming, I wore the NAENIE which has a similar cutting with NAELIE, tucked out. That explains the sister names NAELIE and NAENIE, it has similar cutting but the pattern and texture of the Japanese fabric is different. 

The AUSTEN Flare Pleated Skirt is also one of my picks out of the new collection. I've always had a love for flared skirts (looooooong before aere, as some of you might remember) but as much as I love, for example, gorgeous overblown full circle skirts that add so much drama and personality, sometimes just a slightly flared skirt like the AUSTEN is just enough to make a statement without overdoing it. It all depends on the look you're going for, the event, and your courage to stamp your own style on what you have. The AUSTEN has a special and unique intricate pleating effect with slight shimmery and glittery details. Subtle and I love it that way! Makes me want to twirl around in it.

The contrasting textural designs on the NAELIE Top and AUSTEN Skirt did not interfere with each other, but allowed both pieces to shine in their own way. I brought out my Ted Baker dinner bag that was a gift from my Husband that was black, gold and texturally interesting as the bag had shiny and raised black dots. The entire outfit matched my iPhone 8plus cover (also black and gold) too. The phone was my birthday gift from my Husband as well. Loving the phone so far, but even more so, really loving the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus which totally replaced my iPhone 6 Plus. Most of my recent photos are taken with my phone  nowadays on days that I don't bring my DSLR out with me. Before this new phone I used to bring my DSLR everywhere I went but not anymore, phew! Definitely a good change! (See what I did there)

Anyways, that's all I have. Guys, if you like the NAELIE cropped top and can't wait to get your hands on it, I've got good news for you. It'll be released this Friday!! But do try and get it fast, as for our previous release, both tops from the CHANGE collection sold out within a day.

Good luck and have fun!


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