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Things don't go as planned sometimes. Sometimes it goes better than planned. But, sometimes it just doesn't. In my previous post last Thursday, I mentioned that I was going to blog about something else. I thought of blogging about it on Friday, the next day but Elhan was unwell. Change of plans. I had to go out for a work meeting and when I got back it became worse that night. Apart from fever, coughing and flu he had also started vomitting a lot, every time we fed him, all of it goes back out. So we decided to bring Elhan to the clinic that night and most of the ones nearby were closed. 

We then went to the emergency department of the nearest hospital and thank God we did. His temperature was 40 degrees! The last time Elhan had fever earlier this year was when he was 2 months old and it was 39 degrees and it turned out he had to be hospitalised for 8 long days. It got a little more complicated than just a fever, and on the advice of the doctor, other than all the treatments he had to undergo we also had him circumsized. Imagine the fear that I had when I found out his fever was 40 degrees this time around. 

They immediately asked us to take off all his clothes except his pampers and sponged him at the hospital, and then put some meds inside him through his back. He was so scared of doctors, nurses and hospitals because he had a traumatising experience doing an ultrasound just over a month ago. It was really nothing and not painful at all but he was just scared of the whole ambience and experience. So now he would cry whenever we have to hold him down and still. My heart breaks to see him like that but at the same time I just had to cheer him up and comfort him. But that experience made him so scared now whenever the nurses and doctors wanted to do something to help him get better. 

They also had to do blood tests that night and first they tried drawing the blood from his right hand, but the blood stopped going out so they had to draw blood from the other hand. He literally screamed his lungs out. Usually when he goes through his scheduled injections he doesn't cry as much but the fact that everyone had to hold him down to take the blood out makes him scared even more.

But I guess that is normal for babies. Sometimes, even some adults are scared of needles. 

When he was 2 months old he couldn't move about and was so tiny so I guess it was easier for the nurses and doctors but now since he's moving about so he can actually try to crawl away and at one point he even kicked Khubayb coz he was in so much pain.

Anyways, we waited for a few hours and it was almost 3am that night and all praises to the Almighty that once the blood tests came out, the Doctor told us that he didn't have to be warded. But we still needed to monitor him for 48 hours. So whatever plans (or plans to do nothing) that we had this weekend had to be cancelled. We had to really focus on him and nothing else. We were lucky because my mother came just to help us out with the kids as we needed to give more focus on Elhan. He's not being his usual bubbly and active self.

So we've been taking his temperature every other hour. Been trying to give him his meds which now has become more challenging than last time because he really doesn't want to eat his meds and there are no other tricks that we can do anymore since he is already such a smart boy. We tried to reason with his saying its to make him better etc but sometimes we had to go to the very last resort huhu. Which is to use force. I hate that the most. But I guess we have to, its out of love and the desire to make him better.

Sometimes we might hate things that are actually good for us.

He's still unwell now. The fever goes up and down. It's almost 48 hours up and I hope that he gets better tomorrow so that we don't have to the hospital again. May God cure our lil Elhan.

Something else happened in between all of this. An external annoyance, touching on my family matters. I really do not have the time to entertain such things. So I won't go into detail about it. I decided to shut it out and just focus on my son. I figured there are some who follows our every step and are just waiting for something bad to happen to us. Hate to see us happy and happy or glad to see us fall. For what reason, I'm not really sure. But, I'm not going to give them the privilege. 

Anyways,  to the kind souls who are reading this, please pray for our Elhan's good health, speedy recovery and may he be protected from any evil, sickness as well as ill-intentions from other people. May God bless your souls  abundantly for your kindness in doing so.

If any of you are a parent, do leave some tips on how you guys deal with a child who is unwell. I've heard so many different things like: have to bathe him, regularly, but some tell me not to bathe a baby having fever, have to keep him warm, keep him cold, so many contradictory advice. Share with me!

This one was captured this afternoon. One of the rare moments when he was being his cheerful self this past 48 hours. Eventhough it was just about 5 minutes, it's everything. So much LOVE! His smile makes every single thing more than worth it. Alhamdulillah.


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  1. I always believe keeping the baby cool is the best way. So sponge as frequent as possible, continuous spraying head, put wet (but not drench wet) cloth on the head, less clothes, monitor temperature those are the things I would do. If the hands and feet are cold means the body is very hot, so more of those things. But if not, then can relax a bit. If the cloth dry quickly also sign that the brain is hot which is very bad. You don't want him to be having seizure etc. I didn't sleep when my baby had fever. I fell asleep once and when I woke up, she was extremely hot and became worse. So from that day forward, I don't sleep. And my mom said if the fever started in the morning, it's easier to recover. But if in the afternoon or evening, it'll continue until morning. I pray that Elhan recovers soon. I know how you feel and it's the worst feeling. Take care.

    1. Thanks for all the tips. You are so kind to leave a comment here. Its really useful for me and I will keep all those tips in mind. And thank you for the prayers. I appreciate it very much. Much love!

  2. hi babe!

    poor baby E. hope he is doing better now. keep him hydrated well; my children kalau fever je sure asyik nak breastfeed je. tiring but i like that they are closer to me; and i can tell whether temperature die turun ke tak >_< and keep on sponging his body. i normally put kain lembap around the head, neck or armpit. high fever in young children is scaryyyyy....takut kene fit pulak.

  3. My son (turned 16 yesterday!) had a bowel obstruction at 9 months old for which he received surgery- the doctors said to allow him to breastfeed as much as he wanted because that would cure him from the inside out. Most babies for that surgery are in hospital for 4 days- we were out in 2. So scary though.

  4. Hi Kak Nadia,

    Poor Elhan. My son also keep having fever during his few months, now he is already one and stronger. May Elhan getting stronger after this. Try to bath him with lemons. It worked for my son, he got energized after that. Get well soon, Elhan!

  5. Assalamualaikum sis, i wonder if u ever try essential oil? I usually use thieves, lemon and peppermint if my kids are down with fever and cold. Do read up abt it and see what may work for lil E. InshaAllah. Semoga dipermudahkan n that he gets better realli soon!


  6. I've read your blog since years ago. Now I just realized that you have been blessed with a son. Alhamdulillah and congrats, Im happy for you. Anyway, if my daughter has fever, I usually do skin to skin treatment. It's easy and it feels like I/my husband can protect and comfort her during skin to skin. Get well soon Prince E.