Falling Into Place

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Plans change. And sometimes, its not up to us. Sometimes the option is ours and we decide based on the circumstances. I was supposed to go to Singapore this past Tuesday 24th October 2017 with aere's team for work, flights tickets bought already but that didn't happen, by choice.  It's something big for aere and the team and it is something that I wouldn't ever want to miss as I was really looking forward to this milestone for aere. (My team members are already there in Singapore though, thank God for an amazing team!) We can only plan but sometimes we have to accept that things won't go as planned when something unexpected comes up. I decided not to go last Friday morning 20th October 2017 after finding out about an emergency involving a very important and dear family member. An emergency. One I feared and it just felt so scary. I didn't sleep those 2 nights, just too deeply affected by it.

You know that moment when something happens and you have to drop everything else and just focus on that one matter? That happened to me last week. A mood change. Its a family emergency. A critical circumstances and condition that made me super down and deeply affected that made me drop work. And for someone who is a true workaholic, there are only a few things which can make me drop work for something else. I guess that is love. And that, is family. No matter what issues or problems we may have, when something bad happens to family, when they need us to be there even when they don't mention it, even more so when they don't mention it, it will stab us and break our hearts.

I don't want to talk about what actually happened in this post because some things are meant to be kept as a private matter but suffice to say that this person who has been directly tested with this emergency has been there whenever I was sick ( and that's a lot of times being in the hospital and it also hit me that no one else was at the hospital as much as this person when I was unwell when I found out about this condition). It doesn't make sense for me to leave to Singapore this past Tuesday  for work when this person has left her work countless times for me, sacrifice her own self for me and other family members. And the reason I am where I am today is mainly because of this dear person's life-long support towards me in good and bad times.

A major medical procedure was done yesterday and all praises to the Almighty it went well with minor complications. So now its the recovery period going on. 

Alhamdulillah after finding out that it went well yesterday, I decided that I should go to Singapore tomorrow as aere needs me to be there in Singapore too. So instead of being there for 7 days I will be there at least 2 nights for aere. 

After I decided to not go to Singapore last Friday morning, a good news out of the blue came that same Friday night. I was feeling super depressed and down that Friday morning but the night of 20th October 2017. Something unexpected happened.  A gift from God. And just in a blink of an eye. My mood changed. A mixture of emotions. Still. But it truly lifted my spirits and mood and I think, my family as well. A life-changing experience, in a blink of an eye. I will treasure that moment, this moment, forever. 

Totally changed, my universe.

When I informed one of my team members last Friday morning about it, Pat did say "don't worry, everything will be fine" at that time when I was down. At that moment when I was too down I didn't actually believe it but now looking back, everything did turn out to be fine. Alhamdulillah.

So I guess its true.

"Sometimes when things are falling apart the may actually be falling into place"

Photo from IG of @path2paradise.


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