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Situations. Circumstances. Mood. Life. Nothing is entirely permanent. I guess I've mentioned that a number of times in this blog. Some changes take place slowly. Organically. Whether we realise it or not. It slowly marches itself towards change. Maybe a bit like my career change. Bit by bit, moving towards it. 

But there's a different type of change. The change that happens in a blink of an eye. A sudden change in the status quo. Out of the blue. Wham. Bam. That type of change. Tonight I'm blogging about something that happened exactly a week ago around this exact time. A sudden change that I didn't see coming at all. Something unexpected. A burst of positive emotions. A beautiful surprise. And yet, I have no doubt that it was all part of God's beautifully laid out plan. 

God really does work in mysterious ways. Fate can sometimes shock us in an amazing way after hitting us hard, building us and making us stronger through hardships.


Last Friday night, the 20th October 2017 will forever be etched in my memory as one of the best days, happiest days and joyful moments of my life and I'm extremely blessed to share it with my husband.

I mentioned in my previous post Falling into Place that after I decided to not go to Singapore last Friday morning due to a family emergency that had me worried and very sleepless, suddenly from out of the blue, a gift from the heavens itself fell unto my lap. Something unexpected happened. A gift from God that lifted my spirits, my mood and my everything. And changed my life.

In a blink of an eye. 

I am eternally grateful for that moment, and this moment, forever. 

Totally changed, my universe.

All praises to the One who made that change possible. The One who gives unexpectedly. The One who continuously surprises us with blessings though we might not realise it all the time. May I always remember this day and how He is the Ultimate Bestower, the Best Planner, the One who determines everything.

Photo by @awakeningpeople via awake_spiritual.


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