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Now that I've shared the goodies with you, I finally have time to write this post that I have wanted to write about for quite some time now. So this is my third and final post about #aereTURNS3 in aere's birthday month, October. aere is celebrating our third birthday, our third anniversary!  And I'm celebrating it by sharing with you these 3 posts here on the blog and the 3 videos recorded in Singapore at the bottom of this post. A message from me to YOU.

Captured by Pat at the  Changi airport in Singapore as we were about to check in to fly back to KL yesterday, 30th October 2017.
I'm wearing pieces from aere's CHANGE collection as showcased at KL Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Week.

Time flies so fast and has it really been 3 years since aere's first launch of the Nature of Grace collection? Just, wow! I can hardly believe it myself. Looking back at aere's evolution and progress I couldn't be more proud of the brand that aere has become and the #wearaere community that has been built in the span of about 1,000 days. I took a leap of faith, not knowing at all how aere would be received or accepted. Not knowing whether aere would sink or swim. From 0 followers on Instagram in 2014 (I was the first and only follower haha - I guess you could say I believed in the brand when no one else did [except for the very very few people]), aere has now gained 112,000 followers and it is growing by the day. And now aere turns 3, and aere wouldn't have gotten this far, aere would not have turned 3, without YOU. 

Yes, you. There's more than one of you. You know who you are. You who have supported aere. You who have supported me before I even started aere. You who have just started to get to know aere. 

You who have read my blog since I started making it public many many years ago. You who are reading this right now. My dearest blog readers. Without you, I may not have been pushed to share my fashion style when I was a lawyer. You are the ones who kept asking me to share more of my style tips. I wouldn't have gained a following on Instagram. Without the blog I wouldn't have been able to start the brand. I got the opportunity to start the label, the brand, aere because of my blog, first and foremost. Yes, you. I'm forever thankful.

You who have supported aere. Bought aere. Worn aere. Wearing aere. You who have taken the effort to comment on aere's social media and sent personal messages. You who have told us how you love aere. You who have provided positive feedback. You who have given constructive criticisms and suggestions on how to improve. We are still learning, we are still crawling. You are our guide and pillar. You who have spread the love for aere via social media or word of mouth. 

You who have written in the newspapers and magazines or online media platforms about aere. You who have attended aere's events. You who have liked all the photos in aere's IG or my IG about aere or wearing aere. All the OOTDs especially the ones hash tagging #wearaere. You who have commented on the postings. You who have been a part of the #wearaere community. 

My personal family and friends who have been understanding throughout this journey of mine, starting aere 3 years ago. The ones who have given me not just physical but also emotional support throughout the earlier days. To everyone who has been a part of aere's team. Not just the current hardworking and multi-talented small but super awesome team members but also the ones who have left us but have given a lot of impact to aere in the earlier days. 

Yes, you know who you are. I appreciate all your contributions. All of YOU who have supported aere in so many different ways. You who have shown love towards aere in different ways. Yes, YOU.

This post is about YOU.

Thank YOU for breathing aere (a few people mentioned that to me recently and some have even said it to me in Singapore too and I read a DM about someone asking whether we have a statement top stating 'I breathe aere' or not. Maybe we will come up with that soon). To the customers, aere's followers, media, partners, families, friends, everyone who has invested in aere's pieces. Yes you.

I know that the fact is that aere happened collectively. It's not about me. It's not about aere's team. It wouldn't have happened without the support from everyone. Running aere, having aere is something that is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for making this happen.

I've seen so many people wearing aere when I go out to town and at events. Just last weekend at the Singapore Fashion Week itself there were so many Singaporeans wearing aere at our show, that I was overwhelmed with love. I saw so many pieces- from the very first collections 3 years ago to our latest release, there was a piece for everyone to compliment your own unique style. My heart literally skipped a beat (in a good way) every time I saw someone in aere. I might not jump up and down when I saw you wearing aere but inside, only God knows how excited and happy my heart felt. 

Thank you so, so very much! It means a lot to me and I'm pretty sure it means a lot to aere's team too. It feels like all the hard work paid off every single time I see one of you wearing aere in your own unique style, sometimes even better than how I imagine it. You all motivate us to work even harder for the next few collections and the years ahead of us. It wouldn't have happened without you guys.

Thank you for loving aere.
Thank you for supporting aere.
Thank you for being with aere.

You are the reason why we are still here today. We have grown so far together, achieved so many milestones together. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone. No amount of thank YOUs will ever be enough. All praises to the Almighty and the Ultimate Giver for this blessing.

I hope that I will be able to contribute even more together with aere's team and I hope that the brand will benefit you in many ways. Okay, this has turned out into a super long thank you post, but I'm not going to apologise because I have so much gratitude and thanks to give. I really mean it. I hope I haven't missed anyone out. 

Much love and roll on November (my birthday month.. hehe)


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  1. happy birthday Aere!! so so proud of you and Aere's team!!

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