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Two weeks ago when I started to officially go back to work for the first time after over a month, I managed to take OOTD photos every single day before I begin my meetings with the team and planned and worked on aere's plans for the year. I also managed to blog every single day. Thought it could continue till today but fate has it an emergency happened. 

Initially I wanted to post the photos taken in this post on that Friday, the 27th  of January just before the Chinese New Year Break. I spent that Friday night with my girls Hasanah, Shereen and Fahima. It's been years since our last movie outing together, just us girls. More so especially when we've all grown up, some of us have been busy  being full-time or working mums, busy with our careers or family. We never had the time to just go and watch a movie together for years now. So Hasanah organised a Lalaland movie night that Friday night and we all made it! I enjoyed the entertaining film. Was so happy we went through that and for me personally, I just wanted to spend this time with my girls especially before Eima pops.

We were excited going to the cinema together that night. So I didn't get to blog about this post that Friday because I went to meet my girls straight from work and I couldn't blog during the weekend because I was just overwhelmed with errands and also spending time with my lil family that weekend till the public holiday on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, something worrying happened. It was a sleepless night again and my day started at 5.30am dealing with the situation at hand. It's something really personal that I'm not ready to share yet but it got me and my family really worried. However, I had urgent meetings on that day so work had to go on as usual and I had to leave those personal matters to my husband for a while that day. He took the day off from work.

I had productive meetings that day. The first one was about aere's second trip to London very very soon. It's for the Pure London trade show that aere went to last year and going again this year in a few days time. Had a meeting with some other brands who are going together with aere's sponsors for the trip. Next, I had a Raya 2017 presentation together with aere's team. Presented the story, inspiration, mood board, sketches and samples for this Raya to FV Buyers, their Marketing team and also Vivy that day. Appreciated the critical and constructive feedback from the FV team and whatever it is I'm super proud of aere's young and fresh team this year. So much more to work on and I can't wait to share more about what we have planned throughout the year.

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, even though I was physically  focused at work, the whole time in my mind I was  also so worried about a personal matter and I couldn't wait to go back home as it involves both health and family. Two really important matters in my life.

When I arrived back home the situation became  so much worse than how it was earlier that morning. Fate has it that we were admitted that night as advised by the doctor. It was a long process and although we rushed to the hospital at around midnight, we were only admitted at around 2.30 am after going through the whole process.

I was hoping that it would've only taken a day or two but the situation got more serious and till today I'm still here. I haven't had any time to myself since Tuesday. Sure I was contactable  by my team through whatsapps and emails and I was also chasing some deadlines but meetings which were planned way ahead had to be rescheduled and certain plans had to be put on hold. But today, I stole just a little time to take some time to blog from the hospital. It's been 6 days and I'm still here and haven't left the place since admission that Tuesday night.

Unconditional love. 
At times, we have to put everything else on hold, for love.
For what matters most.

However, I was given a timely reminder by the attending doctor today. Don't forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, when we're facing hardships and being the support system of someone who is facing that hardship, we might be just so focused and determined for things to get better that we tend to forget to go out and get some fresh air. The past 6 days I've been in the ward and didnt get any fresh air at all. I was somewhat reminded by that one time when I was in the hospital for 78 days but did not have any fresh air at all as I wasn't allowed to go out of the ward and was on strict bed rest. I was even forced to miss a very important family event for my younger brother Khairul that I wouldn't have missed for anything else. I was there in spirits though not physically. I'm extremely happy for Khairul. It's going to be a memorable year for Khairul and the whole family, insyaAllah.

But today the doctor insisted for me to go out and get some fresh air. So I did. I took some time to stretch my legs and walk about. Nowhere far, just still in the hospital compound. And now, I'm taking some time to finish up this blog.  So here I am blogging this out just around midnight. Just doing small little things yet significant for myself.

But on reflection, sometimes things work out for the best, although it's not what we intended to be. My week was packed, to prepare for the UK trip. But being forced to stay in this hospital (yet willingly), I gained so much more. Much, much more. In a way that I couldn't even express. Truly a blessing in disguise that I didn't expect, but am very thankful for. Expect the unexpected.

The day after the admission I was surprised by the New Straits Times feature on myself and aere. It was about hope. Will share it here soon.

We might sacrifice ourselves for love. 
We might do everything for love.
But, don't forget to LOVE ourselves.
Coz at the end of the day, if we don't love ourself enough, how can we spread love to others?

So today was a reminder for me to always remember to take care of ourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually even more so at times when our loved ones need us the most. Because only when we love and take care of ourself can we love and take care of others the best way that we can.

So, here's to the overflowing love that we have towards our loved ones.

Outfit Details :
aere's NESSA Ribbon Top in Nude
aere's ORCHUS Buttoned Palazzo Pants in Black 
Both pieces above are from aere's LOVE collection 
as previewed at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 on October 2016
Tudung People

Fondue DIDA for Women

Photo by Hazimah


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  1. get well soon. I admire u!

  2. get well soon dear! may Allah ease everything **virtual hugs**