Fresh Outlook

12:45:00 PM

My first OOTD blogpost of the year! At the moment, it's hard to find the time to OOTD nowadays but I still try to squeeze doing so as much as I can. You'll understand why if you read my post Emotions Beyond A Thousand Words

As mentioned there, there were a lot of unexpected impromptu surprises and blessings throughout last year. And this year I already have a few major events lined up that I'm working hard for with aere's team. But I don't know yet the surprises that await me this year. Whatever it is, I'm keeping an open and fresh outlook that life rarely turns out as you planned it, but it shouldn't get in the way of accepting everything with arms wide open. InsyaAllah, good or bad, I'm ready 2017! I'm excited!

So here's me in one of my favourite tops at the moment from aere's HOPE collection in a new colour: a deep dark green that sort of reflects my newfound wisdom and I think makes me look a lil wiser and more zen. Hehe. Deep green initiative!

Outfit Details :
aere's FAVIA Semi Round Top in Green
Pants from my London trip in July 2016

Photos : Khubayb aka @kneok


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  1. whoo!!! lovin' the site revamp, nadia! happy, happy new year to you and khubayb both! :D

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