VLOG : Phuket Family Trip 2016

11:27:00 PM

I present to you: my first ever travel VLOG! A compilation of special moments / snippets from my recent trip to Phuket in July with my whole family recently. 

This video was played at the family gathering for Eid Adha 16 : My Father's Birthday recently. We showed it at the end of the event and relatives and family were just laughing and laughing non-stop. It's so weird looking at our candid moments on TV especially since most of them didn't realise we were filming (they thought we were just taking photos sometimes).

Anyways, this year my parents decided to bring us all together outside KL for Raya. In a way, I was relieved. This Raya was obviously another emotional one for me for obvious reasons. But, being away with the one who matters was a relief and I feel so grateful, happy and blessed for that. Blessed to have this time away with the family together. Don't think I can ever express enough appreciation to my parents. 

My beloved parents. 
Abah & Wan
Raja Ahmad Aminullah and Nor Hafizah 

I think it's the first time I celebrate Raya overseas with the family (not counting the first 2 years of my life, in London that is). I will treasure these fun moments forever. Khubayb and I decided to just capture some candid random videos during the trip and we compiled it together. 

It's been a while since we all went somewhere together as a family. Things always got in the way, everyone has also been busy doing different things so its nice to take some time off from everything and just spend some time with the family and just leave everything else behind for awhile. It's a bonus that we're spending it on a beautiful island and by the beach most of the time. I'm a beach-lover definitely.

Sometimes we are too busy with work and other things that we forget what and who matters most in our life. At the end of the day, it's family who will always be there for us no matter what. Through hardship and ease, accepting us for who we really are.

As we grow, the individual family members naturally tend to branch out and spend more time on building a family, pursuing education, stabilising our careers (in my case from one career to another. So starting from zero all over again as I let go of my legal job was really a lot of work and also contributed to me being very busy which has always been the case). But it's shared moments like these that brings us back together, as a family. 

Anyways, I chose two songs which I loved from my childhood for the video. The Cranberries was one of my fav bands when I was about 10 years old (so longggg ago). I was actually introduced to them by my dad. I used to listen to their albums and sing along. I've even actually performed one of their songs, Zombie with Khubayb and his lawyer friends few years ago for a law charity night event.

Anyways, I had a really good time doing this video with Khubayb. While we were editing, we were actually laughing out and some of the snippets and we sing along to the song and sometimes dance to it every time we have to re-edit and finalise it. We are total noobs!

Please don't laugh so much at my first attempt at the vlog. Sorry that some of the shots we took are a bit shaky and also you can't hear some of the things we said at the end (so Iadded the text). It covers the first two days of the trip. Will do the rest of the trip when I have time. Any comments, advice, guidance on doing a vlog will be much appreciated!

Anyways, below are some of the photos from the first 2 days in Phuket, the 3rd and 4th Raya this year. :)

The husband, my love, Abdullah Khubayb.
It was our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary when this photo was taken.
Our 2nd day in Phuket.
Also my co-videographer and co-editor of the video. :D

My beloved brothers :
Raja Khairul Anwar
Raja Nadhil Aqran
Raja Ahmad Hariz 

With my parents Abah & Wan, husband Khubayb, brothers Khairul, Nadhil, Hariz and SIL Syahira Zakaria 


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