KLFW 2016 : Innai Red | Rio Bonita

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During an interview just a few days before KLFW '16, I was asked which brand / designer that I was excited the most to see at this year's KLFW, I had one brand in mind immediately and that was my answer : Innai Red

Innai Red never fails to amaze. I remember attending the show with Khubayb last year and was so amazed at all their creations. Last year their collection was titled oREDgami  infusing origami themes in their designs and I remember my jaw literally dropped when I saw some of their looks last year. It was just genius!

This skirt reminds me of the Innai Red skirt I wore 3 years ago in 2013 (See Raya on Fire 2013 : Abstract Galactic Bowling). Love the cutting so much! 

This year, their collection is called Rio Bonita, taking inspiration maybe from the Rio Olympics 2016. The collection was fun, charming and full of colour and life. Their choice of song at the show was also fun and fit the theme really well. I love how they creatively translate their concept and theme into their designs, what we see on the runway. I think they must have displayed a total of 32 looks. Congratulations Izrin as well as the designers Arene, Juliani and the whole Innai team for putting up a gorgeous and fun show. I saw one of Izrin's post on IG and there are about 20 of them altogether who have worked on the collection in a short period of time. I'm sure all the sweat and hard work paid off as I witnessed the gorgeous looks on the runway!

Personally, I really admire Innai Red as a Malaysian fashion label. They have created their name through unique and quality designs, and have been in the business for more than 10 years. That's a long time in the fashion industry and really commendable. 

Izrin Iz-Low

Izrin, the inspiring Founder of Innai Red, is also a beautiful, kind, sweet and helpful soul. Before the show, I last bumped into Izrin at Fashion Valet's warehouse during the mad raya rush. We were both there to check on our stocks. I was dealing with a problematic issue regarding stocks.  Izrin instantly shared her own experiences and gave helpful pointers on the fashion industry, encouragement and kind words to a newcomer like me. Raya and KLFW being so close to each other this year was a very hectic and heavy period for aere's small team (at that time consisting of just two people), but talking to Izrin that day helped me look at things in a new light and renewed some of my zest. It was invaluable to me. I remember I was so excited and felt so grateful when aere was featured together with Innai one year ago. (See Starred)

I hope in 10 years time, I'd be able to motivate and give tips and words of encouragement to newcomers too. InsyaAllah if I'm still here in this world and still in the fashion industry.

A short story about what happened before the show though. I thought that I had RSVP'ed to Izrin earlier when I replied that I would love to come to the show 2 weeks before the show itself. But then, 2 days before Day 1 of KLFW which had both aere's show  at 3.00pm and Innai's show at 7.00p.m on the same day, I realised that I didn't formally RSVP'ed!!! Must be the whole crazy hectic period also because I was too busy settling issues with aere's show, forgetful me! So 2 days before Innai Red's show I messaged Izrin again. She replied to me right away and told me to register with KLFW immediately. 

And guess what, again, I forgot and only managed to register for the show after aere's show was done in the afternoon, just hours before Innai's show. Luckily I could still register on the day itself and turns out my date Khubayb and I managed to get good seats up on 5th row. The good thing about being at the 5th row / 6th row is that the seats are higher up so although we don't get to see the looks up close like when we were at the front row last year, we get to see a  wider view which is really awesome. Different angles and perspectives but I kind of like it as I get to see more of the ambience as seen here in the photos. I love that apart from seeing the looks on the runway, we get to see the fashion lovers who came to the show, who wore what, all the different styles and also people's reactions towards the show. Really interesting, I must say.

Anyways, below are some more pictures from the Innai Red's show for your viewing pleasure! Some of my top picks! The collection is really beautifully colourful, right? 

Below are some photos of other fashion lovers and friends who came to the show too. My date @kneok aka Abdullah Khubayb and I totally forgot to take a picture of ourselves as he was too busy taking all the photos here in this post. Haha.

Lisa Surihani

Sheryl Toh and Danielle Lee 

Sazzy Falak 

Veen Dee Tan, Danielle Lee, Sheryl Toh and Ibnu Aswan



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  1. Hi Ms Sabrina, its good to read the recent post especially about the hottest KLFW2016 , your fashion trip to London and other inspired posts. Thank you sharing your precious experience about how it looks like when you guys are backstage during the most prestigious fashion show. Btw, my comment about the new look of your Blog, i really like it, as it shows modesty and successful character of yours. keep up the sharing as many as you can bcause we all proud to say that our local brand had the strong idea in leading this fashion industry especially for muslimah inspirations.

  2. I think Innai is everyone's fav! I really impress with each of Innai products



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