Eid Adha 16 : My Father's Birthday

8:30:00 AM

Salam Aidil Adha everyone!

On Saturday, we had a little relaxed and chilled gathering for family and relatives. My family has been planning this for a few weeks after a few things that had happened recently. It was to celebrate both my father's 61st birthday on 2016 and Aidil Adha which falls on the same day, this year, which is yesterday. Normally, we don't throw parties for birthdays for our family. We would just have a nice quiet dinner, or sometimes go for a family karaoke together and that was all. (Don't count our McD or A&W birthdays when we were kids please) But this year, we decided to do a small family gathering as it was an auspicious day, and we felt that my dad deserves it too. Although nothing my siblings and I do will ever repay all the sacrifices that he has done for us since we were born and all the hard work he has gone through to provide us a comfortable shelter, food, clothes and education since we were young till we all graduate or started to work on our own. Having a child is not easy, what more raising a child. Parents have different obligations and responsibilities in raising their children and to me personally, my parents have both excelled at it in different ways and I'm extremely grateful for that.

So, my siblings and my mom all helped in different ways to throw this gathering together. We worked together to think and discuss about the venue, get balloons, cakes, tables, ordering food, mopped and vacuumed the venue, inviting guests and everything else. We rented a nice sky villa space that oversaw a beautiful skyline of Kuala Lumpur, hired food from my Opah Chu, serving traditional Perak food that we know our father loves, and invited close family and relatives, and also Khubayb's and Sya's family as well. Since this wasn't a usual occasion, I wanted to hire a photographer to capture the event's moments. I wanted Khubayb and Nadhil to be able to have fun and enjoy the event as well (instead of having to take all the photos). Since my father is someone who really appreciates photography and capturing moments (that's where I get it from :D), we decided to hire one. We got a good photographer (as you can see from the photos) from Sya's contacts.

The food was just awesome! Amazing. It's been awhile since I last ate food from HAS catering. Opah Chu (my late grandmother Opah's sister) has been our go to caterer for most of our family events (did my engagement and merisik event too) and the food was not just authentic Perak food, but really, really delicious too. We ordered ikan patin gulai tempoyak, udang sambal, daging kicap, different types of sambal and spaghetti bolognaise, amongst others. Opah Chu is a real hands-on lady who is going strong and likes to get involved in every single detail of her business despite her age, but for that day's event, her son Uncle Azan came to oversee things. My uncle Azan also prepared appetizers with his delicious salsa and sour cream dip that everyone loved and almost everyone ordered all the bottles that he brought with him.

The gathering started around 6, and after that we gathered to do our Maghrib prayers led by Sya's father. Some of the guests arrived after maghrib prayers. A lot of my cousins from my mom's side also came. As some of you may know, on my mum's side, I am the eldest our of 41 cousins! And cousin number #41, Hanna Nashita, came and made an appearance. She's 4 months old and was constantly the center of attention. She was a happy and smiley baby and was well behaved throughout the event! Almost everyone wanted to carry her.

Cousin Putri Zaralisa Adril and SIL Syahira Zakaria with baby Hanna

My younger cousins went for a swim in the kiddie pool and basically had their own party, while the rest of us were enjoying the yummy food and nice view. After Isya' prayers, my father in law led the doa selamat and we then celebrated my father's birthday with a cake. Red Velvet, one of his favourites. Of course, this Red Velvet was a special order: Less sugar, less sweet, less everything, because we have to be more conscious of what we eat now. And we have been more health conscious nowadays. My dad gave a short speech of thanks and then invited those who had birthdays in September too, and all of us sang the birthday songs another two times for Danial and Asrar.

My beloved parents after my dad's speech

With our niece Amyra

Cousins Faralisa, Farhana, Ira and aunty, Mak Yong

Before the night ended, we just chilled and took a few photos and dipped our feet in the pool. We also showed everyone a short video of our recent family trip to Phuket on the TV. I've been working on the video and editing it with the husband. We only finished part 1, which only covered the first two days of our Phuket. Everyone had a good laugh over it. I'm thinking about posting it here soon about my long overdue Phuket trip with my family.

My youngest Aunty, mum's youngest SIL, married to my youngest uncle who is just 3 years older than me. That's why I feel like an Aunty to my cousins :D Look at baby Hanna!

They were laughing because of what they saw in the video we played. Couldn't even hear the audio because everyone was just laughing non-stop.

Anyways, Saturday night was a lovely night with good company, good food and a good view. Happy birthday Abah. Blessed to have you as my father and we are so blessed that you survived the recent tests. All praises to the Almighty, another year has passed. Love you very much Abah.

May God grant you health, joy, happiness and His Love always. Through the pain, I hope that Allah will bring you closer to His Love and rewards you with heaven. May you be surrounded by lots of love by family and friends always. May God reward your sacrifices and struggles with heaven and may Allah reward you for all that you have given and worked for, for the family. May Allah grant you mercy, contentment and peace.


Anyway, below are more photos from the event!

 My aunt Makteh and Naurah were the first to arrive. They're leaving to Finland soon and will be living there for 4 years.
Going to miss Makteh, especially because she has always been kind and sweet since I was very little and plus she always there during my worst of times or when I wasn't okay, health wise. 
She's the head of emergency at one of the hospitals that I've been admitted to a number of times (and for a long long time) and the family always go to her or ask her medical advice if anything happens as she's also the first family doctor.

My beloved parents. 

My Khubayb. Just after we put Hanna to sleep after all her socialising.

 Before the event started and before people came.

My father and father-in-law. 

My parents-in-law with my niece Amyra.
The second family to arrive. 

 It's time to eatttt!!!

This is when my MIL said that we can eat as much as we can since we should be fasting the next day. Hehe. :D

Getting ready for prayers... 

Minutes before the event ended

My cheeky niece Amyra looks like she's planning something with Khubayb. 

Super adorable Hanna Nashita. The youngest daughter to my youngest uncle and aunty, Chu and Cik Chu

See what I mean? My 4 month old cousin Hanna was really popular and super friendly that night. 

My youngest bro, Hariz was the emcee for the night. 

A reminder about how it was a good time to doa at the time as its just a day before the Grand Day of Arafah. My father in law leading the doa for the night. 

My uncles Pak Lop and Uncle Azan, my cousin Farhan and my brothers Khairul and Nadhil, 
all coincidentally in black.  
Captured when we were singing the birthday song.

One for the album. 
Most of the kids were outside swimming at the kiddies pool at the time 

This is when the photographer said, "point to the birthday boy". 
We found it so funny when we first heard it.

Asrar when we sang the birthday song 

 A surprised Danial!

 The birthday boys!

With all the ladies in the houseeee 

 All the guys

 Khubayb and I with both our parents

My bro Nadhil and our parents with wifey Syahira and family 

 With my dad's side of the family

Us with Paklop's family (My mom's eldest brother) 

My niece Amyra and my cousin Chinta in her frozen inspired dress designed by her mum, my aunt Ende Tinggi 

Apparently there's too many things to laugh about in the video Khubayb and I prepared :D 

Caught  selfie-ing with Zara's phone

My parents with the family who will be leaving to and living in Finland soon. 

The ladies. My aunties from both sides, Khubayb's mother and Sya's mother.

All Photos by Md Alif

Phew! That's a long post. Before I end this post, I'm going to leave you with the following do'a I found on IG recently.

Copying this post below from my IG. So let us continue to pray for our families :)

"Protect us from harm, bless us with the things that will lead us to heaven and increase our love for each other and bless us with Your Love always, Ya Allah our Creator, the one who created Love. Amin.

The most powerful and beautiful tool we have all been blessed with. The power of du'a (supplications / prayers). Let us all pray for our families especially and even more so at the estimated time of Wuquf at Arafah (5.30pm-11pm in KL) today. May we all strive to be in heaven with patience throughout our tests, struggles and hardships and may we all get to meet our loved ones who have left us and this temporary world we live in. May we always be thankful and positive in ease and in hardship. #notetoselfandothers

#Repost @daily_reminder
Ameen ya Rabb❤ may Allah bless our families abundantly and always protect them. And a special duaa to my beloved parents who are working hard and always putting the children first just to give us a better and easier life. May Allah lift all our parents burdens, fill their hearts with happiness, love and ease and  may Allah always keep them happy and safe.  رَبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا

My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.

Allahumma Ameen ❤"


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