Simple and Clean

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We all like to indulge in wearing a little make up, but to care for your skin, you also must make sure to remove it to allow your skin to breathe! And after a long and tiring day, removing make-up is easier said than done, especially when you just want to take off your heels and lie down to go to bed. Just like last night after a very hectic day in London, probably because of the jet lag too.

For makeup removal, I usually use oil-based products. I was recently introduced to SIMPLE’s products - the Micellar Cleansing Water and the Micellar Cleansing Face Wipes. Said to contain Micellar water that promises to remove makeup without any rinsing, I was skeptical but gave it a try anyway. I did some reading and turns out it doesn’t contain any artificial perfumes or colours and does not contain harsh chemicals- and is supposed to instantly boost skin hydration by 90%.

Even when using it during the first time, I was surprised at how easy it was to remove my makeup. Most of my makeup came off during the first few wipes. The products were gentle on my skin and gave a refreshing cool feeling due to the re-hydration effect. It’s not oil based too, so no more sticky skin which you have to wash off afterwards. It’s true - No rinsing needed at all.

What’s great about these products is that Micellar water is also supposed to help unclog pores and support our skin to breathe better too. It also contains Vitamins B3 and C for our skin. 

This product is really great and now is my go-to make-up remover because if I come home late from events, it can sometimes be a chore to go through the make-up removing ritual. This really cuts down the things I need to do, and the facial wipes are especially handy to carry with me, especially when I need to wipe my makeup off to perform my prayers. It’s really good for those who need to use it on the go. And since it’s now available at all leading pharmacies - it is definitely easily obtainable (and very affordable) so you definitely want to try it out. 

Let me know if it’s good for you too, ya!


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  1. I am using the Simple cleansing lotion,toner and the oil control moisturizer, they are my sensitive skin best essentials.