Moments with my Sisters and Family Just Before Ramadhan

6:30:00 PM

So after my long hiatus on the blog I wrote about "Staycation : Back from Absence" where I spent some time off from everything when I felt like I was experiencing a burnout. It was the weekend just before Ramadhan started. After my staycation, I felt like I could breathe again. And after that, I spent some time with my family and sisters.

I met up with my sisters and it was really great as it's been a long long while since we got to spend time, all of us together. I blogged about these sisters of mine in my post "The 'FOR JIBRAEL' Sisters" a while back. 

We finally visited Shereen who had just given birth to Aaliyah. We chatted, caught up with each other and of course we ate so much of the delicious food since it was our last lunch before the fasting month. Khubayb helped capture these special moments via photos and we snap chatted away together with lil Hannah (Shereen's first daughter) and Ruzana's lil brother Rayyan (who's already a big boy now) and also baby Adeena (Sanah's second baby) and we laughed and laughed about random stuffs. It was fun and just the kind of moments that I needed for the weekend. 

Lepas rindu sekejap. Missing my girls.

After that, I went off to meet my family to celebrate my baby brother Hariz's birthday. Youngest brother, not so baby anymore. We went for a quick karaoke and celebrated his birthday with an ice cream cake and also did a first family boomerang too, especially for my parents. LOL! 

It was also a much belated celebration of all of his recent achievements. 

My brother Hariz has been very active in his university. He has been participating in university plays and theatre, appointed as a student representative, and very surprisingly, was awarded "Tokoh Budayawan" of the college University recently! We were all surprised because among all our siblings, Hariz is the one following closest to our father's footsteps. He recently was selected to go for a student exchange program to Perth too. We're very amazed at his growth in university and I'm very extremely proud of him.

The day ended with the coming of the holy month Ramadhan, and I'll share some of the highlights of this Ramadhan in my next post!

Sisters love. Hasanah Hilmi, Sarah Rusli, Shereen Bahawi, Ruzana Ibrahim and Fahima Salleh. Oh and not to forget Baby Adeena and baby Aaliyah.

Anddddd now... 

First time Boomeranging with my family. Quite fun and funnyyyy... 

Watch below :

My beloved bro Raja Ahmad Hariz. 
May Allah bless you always and may you always be protected and be blessed with His Love.


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