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Afternoon, everyone! Today is a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as a few other states here for Nuzul Qur'an, which falls on the 17th day of Ramadhan. So I have just been chilling at home, finishing up on a lot of overdue work too. 

These past few months have been really hectic and yet amazing. There were several unexpected opportunities that came up which I took. Even though it really has been exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally, however all in all I think it's been really great! We learn so much more when we are faced with greater challenges and sometimes when we push ourselves, we realise our limitations are further than what we think. I'm grateful and thankful for all that has happened so far. All praises to God for the blessings.

I woke up today to a sweet surprise when I received an email from Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan. You might know her, she's the Editor of the Women, Health & Fashion segment of the New Strait Times newspaper. She informed me of NST's write-up on aere today! I had no idea they were covering aere so soon. I quickly asked my husband to help get me a copy (or two *close face*) so that I could get my hands on them and read it! 

The title, the write up and the words captured exactly how I feel about aere's FEEL Eid collection and the emotions I try to express through it. In muted spirit. It's just perfect. I'm really constantly amazed at how awesome our local journalists are.

It's extremely humbling to have something that we've given sleepless nights, our heart and soul, recognised. 

Thank you so very much, Syida Lizta for the great write up and NST for always supporting were since the very beginning! Accurate and lovely. DO get a copy. :) If you didn't manage to grab a copy, scroll to the end of this post to read.

Anyways, I visited NST online just to search for were before I publish this post and found this article below titled Mix and Match  by Sushma Veera on 3 December 2014! When aere has just started! Thank you again NST for the love and support :)


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