Moroccan Inspired Raya

5:30:00 AM

Before I started out in the fashion world,  I had no idea how important the Raya season would be for our local fashion industry.  I mean, really no idea! It has been crazy! But in all of the craziness, last weekend I managed to get some time with the husband to buy some stuff. There was something camera-related that he really wanted to buy, and when he checked online and called up a few shops, there was only one place nearby that sold it: NU Sentral.

So last Sunday, we went to NU Sentral. I’ve been there once or twice just to eat, but I’ve never really explored this new shopping mall. All I remember that it is pretty big.

When we got there, there was quite a huge crowd. The camera shop that we wanted to go was on the LG floor, and just outside it, there was the Centre Stage. It was beautifully decorated for the Raya season. There was a unique stage in the centre, and a modern contemporary design with a hint of Moroccan Night Theme inspired lights and décor. I saw a lot of people taking pictures and selfies with their families and friends all around the Centre Stage. I really wanted to take some too.

Amidst the sea of people, it was just a coincidence that we stumbled upon my uncle and cousin, Paklop and Asrar! Really surprised to see them there. My aunt Mak Yong was also there at NU Sentral, but my uncle told me she was off shopping at the many bazaars around the Centre Stage. There were a variety of shops selling clothes, perfumes and other Raya necessaries. I met my Makyong when she was done and then we decided to take a group picture at the Centre Court because the backdrop was just too lovely. And of course, I also took a few pictures there too afterwards.

While we were snapping away, shortly after that, the emcee announced that there was going to be a fashion show by one of the vendors of the Raya Bazaar: KeQaseh by Anas Abdullah. My curiosity got the better of me and I stayed on to watch. The unique stage worked well for the fashion show. I think there were 10 looks by KeQaseh featuring classic Raya wear and there was an interview with the designer at the end.

The emcee later informed that there are many activities that are going to be held by NU Sentral during the weekends from 29th May to 3rd July for the throngs of shopping goers there. After the fashion show, there was even a special activity just for the kids too. I saw some happy kids on stage having fun with their parents looking on. Whilst the rest of the peeps were happily snapping away selfies in front of the beautiful decorations and backdrop. 

You can really tell that NU Sentral put a lot of thought and effort into trying to breathe life into the Raya Spirit, and they have done a great job! If you’re on the look out for a shopping mall that caters for your Raya needs and with the bonus of having some perfect spots to take your selfies and ootds for Raya, check out NU Sentral. Drop by these weekend maybe?


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  1. wow amazing..will go to nu sentral this weekend!

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