Alluring Australia 6 : Sunny Rottnest Island

9:18:00 PM

The second day at Western Ausralia, we woke up super early, checked out of the hotel I mentioned in Alluring Australia 5 : Relaxed at Be.Fremantle which we stayed in for one day, had breakfast near E-Shed Markets while waiting for the ferry, went to Rottnest Island by ferry, then everyone cycled (except me because I couldn't ride), went on a Segway tour under the super hot sun around the gorgeous Rottnest Island, had lunch at a cool restaurant by the beach where the photos in this post were taken and then checked in into another hotel in another part of Perth. 


The second day, like the first day was pretty packed with lots of fun activities, but it sure was an amazing experience and we took thousands of photos for memories sake! I can't wait to share more about the trip in detail, but till then, I'll leave you with some of my favourite shots at Rottness Island taken after all the rides we took and after we were full from lunch taken by my beloved Khubayb aka @kneok. 

I miss my husband. Eventhough we're together but both of us has been really busy with work that even when we're together we're sometimes just working! Crazy hectic yet exciting period at the moment. InsyaAllah it will all be worth it :) 

Outfit Details :

aere's MAIA Asymmetrical Pleats Top (To be released online TOMORROW)
aere's CERUS Pants
Silk Scarf I got from Shanghai inspired by their scenery
Bag and sunnies from recent trip to  Shanghai 
just the week before I went to Western Australia


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