Alluring Australia 4 : Women in Art

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Moores Building - Contemporary Art Gallery

I've written about my love for the arts in my previous posts. I'm someone who appreciates the arts and even when I was little, if my family went on holidays overseas and also locally in Malaysia, my father would usually bring us to visit galleries and museums. So I grew up being exposed to the arts. 

I think that wherever we travel to, we should always try and visit at least one gallery or museum to witness and study their art and culture. Of course we won't be able to cover all but we should try to make a point to at least go to a few because its interesting and it is one way for us to know and love a place.

So when I saw the gallery just next to the cafe that we were having breakfast (Read my post here) I wanted to jump with joy. I didn't of course. Technically the gallery was not part of the itinerary  but I knew I had to go have a look and see what they have. I didn't know whether we had any time to go there after, so after I ordered my food at the cafe and chatted a bit with the rest, I told Khubayb that I really wanted to go to the gallery at least for a while just while waiting for the food to arrive. So we quickly went. I managed to look at a few of the art pieces on display, but it was quite rushed and the food came really fast (the Moore and Moore cafe had excellent service!). So, I headed back to the courtyard to have my yummy scrumptious breakfast.

After we had finished with our breakfast, I went to the gallery again to see the paintings. And I was so lucky because all 3 artists who were exhibiting their pieces at the gallery were all there.

Mia Laing, Alicia Gorey and Jan Brown 

I introduced myself to them and chatted about their art works for the Three Palettes exhibition. It just so happens that all three artists had different themes and they are things that I really love: beaches, ballet and portraits. The three artists were part of a group called Women in Art Western Australia (WAWA) which they founded.

The first artist, Jan Brown featured prominent themes of ballet in her impressionist style artworks which is a natural progression of her lifelong love of the special dance. I told Jan that I did ballet when I was younger. I actually took ballet lessons with my cousins when i stayed in Ipoh, Perak in primary school but when I moved to KL, I stopped. I also shared with Jan that I actually designed a skirt for aere which was inspired by ballet: The AURELIA and ALIVIA skirt and I've written about my love for tulle skirts years ago too. Jan told me a family member of hers was really into ballet and might be interested in one of my skirts. 

The second artist Mia Laing's paintings mostly captures the sun-drenched beauty of their lifestyle in Western Australia. She drew her inspiration from Rottnest Island (where we were going on our second day), and even from her painting I could already see that it was a very vibrant, colourful and beautiful place to be. Even before going there, her paintings already captured my imagination of our upcoming destination. Love the different shades of blue in her artworks as blue is one of my favourite colours and the sea is one of my inspirations when I started aere almost 2 years ago  too.

The third artist Alicia Gorey drew portraits of famous people in Freemantle. Well, some were famous, like a well-known footballer, and some were just locals who were not famous as we define it, but who are dear, special and important to the kind and talented artist. The everyday people of Freemantle. And that was an interesting concept. She really captured their essence well, and all the people she painted exudes warmth and friendliness - a very common trait of the people of Freemantle.

It was really nice to chat with the friendly and lovely artists. I got carried away chatting and appreciating their works till I realised that the rest of our group had already left the place and Ee Lian had to call us to move on to the next place in our itinerary. Really loved the gallery and talking to the artist so if you're there, do drop by!

Till my next post.

Wearing aere's NYDIA Flowy Pleated Cardigan

The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery
The Moores Building
46 Henry Street, Fremantle WA
Galleries open 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week


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