Alluring Australia 3 : Moore & Moore Breakfast

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Continuing from my last post (Stepping Foot), we arrived in Perth, Australia at around 5.30 a.m. that morning. After getting through immigration and waiting for our bags, we headed to our accommodation. We all knew according to the itinerary that we would hit the ground running. We checked in at Be.Freemantle (a beautiful serviced apartment which I'll blog about later) to put our bags and freshen up for an hour. Breakfast was waiting for us and we already had reservations. After freshening up, we met Ee Lian, our escort from Tourism Western Australia, our hosts. The helpful staff at the counter told us we could either walk or take a cab to our breakfast destination. But with the sun just coming up on such a beautiful morning, we decided to have a morning walk towards Freemantle to go for an early morning breakfast as it was just 15 minutes away. The weather was beautiful. The sun was up and bright but the cool autumn breeze was quite chilly. It was perfect.

I'm wearing aere's NYDIA Flowy Pleated Cardigan to be released next week.
Our escort brought us to a vintage looking and hip cafe called Moore & Moore cafe. Apparently this is one of the newest and hippest cafe in Freemantle that everyone here has been talking about. And it was very easy to see why. Situated in the heritage listed Moores Building in the thriving West End of Freemantle, I instantly loved the cafe as it had a very vintage feel and all the decorations were very unique. I saw a vintage bicycle hung at the corridor entrance of the cafe. To the right, was the counter displaying the menu and some delicious looking cakes and desserts (it's never too early to have desserts for me) and on the left of the corridor opposite the cafe counter, I saw a quaint yet spacious gallery featuring interesting artworks. I knew I just had to go there after our breakfast. It was the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery.

The limestone wall corridor led to a cosy courtyard garden space with mostly unique wooden tables and chairs. Everything was one of a kind. There were huge umbrellas to shield us from the sun. The staff were friendly, kind and very chirpy. Their menu was very interesting too! There were a few items on the menu that caught my eye... but my first meal in Australia had to be the salmon. -_-

Predictable me.

I ordered Cured Salmon - Lime Cured Salmon, mango coulis, rainbow, beetroot, sesame, poached egg and toast. Apparently the Aussies love their beetroot! It was a very unique touch. The flavour and colour worked really well with the lime cured salmon! Khubayb also ordered something that I was eyeing - smoked mushrooms, confit tomato, ricotto, spiced macadamias, poached eggs, grain toast. I had more than a few bites of his breakfast too. What was also interesting were the drinks. I ordered the Chai, and it was very authentic. Khubayb ordered the Dirty Chai. I think it had coffee in the Chai latte - no idea why it's called Dirty Chai.

We had a nice little chat with Ee Lian, who explained to us about Perth and our itinerary for the next few days. And she told us a few things about herself too. We were so surprised to find out her real age because she looked really younger than her age! And she was quite sweet - she shared with us a secret of the locals. She got us this cake called Honey Cake after breakfast. She told us it's one of Freemantle's hidden secrets which you could only get here and nowhere else. The cake was superb! It wasn't too sweet and just nice. Even Khubayb liked it (He doesn’t usually like desserts because he doesn’t like sweet stuffs). It's hard to find too. We found someone selling the cake at the Freemantle Market, but we regretted not buying it. Will share about the Freemantle Market later.

With fellow bloggers on the same trip by Air Asia and Tourism Western Australia : 
Karen Kho, Bobo Stephanie and Careen Tan

After the yummy breakfast I quickly went to the art gallery to view the local arts. I'll share with you a post I made because of my love for the arts!

Moore & Moore Cafe

The Moores Building, 46 Henry Street, Freemantle WA 6160


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  1. The staff here is actually competent and friendly, unlike other places with their pretentious staff guys. The event space was magnificent and modern, and the seating was comfy. Truly, the food was heavenly and as a visitor I am glad for finding this one.

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