Silver Aura

10:18:00 PM

Wore this on 6th December 2015, when I went to my cousin's baby shower at BSC. It was for Yeop Khairain and Kak Wawa and they had a silver, white and purple theme. 

Being someone who likes to follow themes, I naturally obliged! I wore aere's ORA Reversible Full Metallic Top in Silver, CERUS Pants in White and PariPari Shawl in Purple by my sister Hashanah Hilmi. She made the shawl for me a long time ago for my brother's wedding. I kind of enjoy dressing up for themes to appreciate those who take the time to come up with themes and decorate parties according to them. Well, most of the time anyway hehe.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah, Kak Wawa has since delivered a beautiful baby girl, Khalisah last month. I share Yeop Khairain and Kak Wawa's happiness as we welcome another lil pumpkin niece into the family!


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