Search For Healing : Rediscovering 5

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It was Sunday 13th December 2015, exactly a month after the day that I posted "Reflections : We all belong to our Beloved Creator". My husband and I went to Bangi to visit my in-laws and have family lunch together. Right after lunch we spotted a bookstore there and we went in looking for certain books.

I previously blogged about me searching for books in "Search for Healing : Rediscovering 4".

We got a few books, but the husband found this book in particular for me and we bought it. A belated birthday gift for me. I loved reading this book and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad really is a great source of comfort for whatever it is we're going though.

Check out the book. It's concise and simple and if you know anyone who has a child in heaven or has a family member or friend who has lost a child, you probably can get it for them too. Took some snapshots of the pages below to share with you all.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lost 3 of his children when they were infants and the way he dealt with the losses are truly inspiring. Blessings to our Prophet Muhammad and his family.

May God increase our love towards Prophet Muhammad and increase our knowledge about his beautiful life and character. With that may our desire to please Our Creator increases too. May we all reunite in heaven.

Salam Maulidur Rasul.


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