Essence of Monday Blues

8:36:00 AM

I just couldn't sleep tonight, waiting a little anxiously and feeling nervous but also just very excited about the first release of aere's Essence of Grace  collection as showcased at KLFW 2015 today. It's 4am now as I start to type this and I was refreshing aere's page to see if the designs are up. I felt relieved when I finally saw that the new aere pieces were up and when I clicked on aere's page to see the new banners that I've been working on with FV's marketing team I felt so happy and my heart fluttered a little. I teared of joy a little seeing all the photos one by one and watching the video again. 

This Essence of Grace collection is aere's fifth collection but the feeling that I have every single time there is a release never fades. It feels just like the time when aere's first collection was released over a year ago, on that historical 28th October 2014 (for me that is). :) In a good way, of course.

This collection is a little special to me. I have lots of good memories of how I worked on the collection from coming up with the theme, deciding on the colours, the mood, concept, the mood board, the direction of the designs, brainstorming with aere's team and getting everything ready for the fashion show at KLFW 2015. From a vision to reality. It is really something that I'm truly happy and proud of after all the hard work and blessings from the One who has helped make it a smooth, beautiful and ultimately very satisfying journey.

As I mentioned in my post "Essence of Grace at KLFW 2015", everything about this is just so surreal and overwhelming. While the husband is asleep beside me, I just feel like waking him up to pinch me for a bit just to ensure me that I'm not actually dreaming. I think if I do wake him up, he will pinch me for real though. But, I am just excited and Alhamdulillah for the first release today. 

Anyways, this all blue outfit is what I wore yesterday after a sleepover celebrating 9-months pregnant Nuzul, followed by brunch with my girlfriends Hasanah, Sarah and Ruzana and finished the day with a lovely dinner with my family celebrating my mother's born day.

I wanted a versatile top that can be worn many ways and I've always loved double breasted jackets. So I put a twist to aere's VITA Double Breasted Multi-Way Top where I can wear it as a jacket, outerwear or a top.

In this post I'm wearing the VITA as a top, paired with aere's CERUS Pants and Sugarscarf.

It's a new week today, and all praises to the Most Loving for helping me to go through the past week with ease. What normally needed two or three weeks to prepare was rushed in one week. It was crazy but somehow it didn't feel burdensome. Of course I have the awesome aere team and the FashionValet peeps to thank as well. They are just awesome people. I felt that it was super productive and satisfying for me as I managed to cramp in so many things to prepare for aere's release today. At the same time, I also managed to spend some quality time with my family and some of my closest friends so it had been a really hectic busy but fulfilling week. Alhamdulillah.

What Monday blues?


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