A Start to Better Financial Habits

4:30:00 PM

With the rise in prices of pretty much everything and the increase of the US Dollar rate, everyone is feeling the effects. In these trying times, and the unstable world economy, every little bit helps right? For all of us, it would be prudent to promote proper financial habits, which ought to be done not just during the hard times, but during better times too.

Do you keep your own finances in order? Do you keep track of the things you spend on? Well I used to do it, using the good ol' fashioned way :- pen and paper. I know that might be funny, but that’s how I used to do it. I normally keep a small sized book with me that I carried with me everywhere I went that I use to record all of my expenditure. Hey, it worked for me.  It really did.

When I started working, I made sure that my expenditure tabs were written down. It was easy because it quickly became a habit. I was able to see what I was spending too much on and things that I didn’t spend enough on. I can’t exactly remember why, but somehow somewhere along the line, I stopped writing my expenditure down.

That’s why when I was introduced to the TouchStyle app, I was instantly amazed. Touchstyle is a new app by Bank Rakyat. As far as financial management goes, it’s pretty much what I would need in terms of tracking earnings, monthly commitments. You can key in your spending and it encourages you to also set saving goals. I can now put away my pen and paper to record my monthly expenditure.

What’s more, it is Shariah compliant for the discerning. This app has plenty of features, for instance you can now monitor your daily spending with “Daily Spending”. This is the feature I like the most because that way I can track my daily expenditure, monthly commitments and see where I spend most of my money on. There is also the “Goals” feature, where it helps you to calculate the monthly savings that you need to keep in order for you to go on that dream vacation you’ve always wanted (I have a few in mind), or buy a car or bag that you really want.  This app can help you make it come true.

Well, I’ve downloaded it and found it really easy to use. You can download this must have app yourself at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lightgearlab.touch&hl=en and try it out. The key to having proper financial habits starts with just one small step for everyone and for me this might be a good start to a better and more tech-savvy way to organize my finances without bringing anything more than my phone with me!

Do check it out guys and let me know how the app works out for you!


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