The Hopeful Sun

4:17:00 PM

Happy Sunday :)

The sun brings hope every morning. :) The sun comes up in the morning and we realise that it's the morning of a new day. Each day brings new hopes, new joys for us to just breathe and live. So, there is no reason for us to lose hope even when we are at the most difficult position. Hope I'll always be reminded of that. If that is about to happen to the future me in any way, I hope I will have the strength to look back at this post and remind myself that each new day brings hope. I'm grateful for all that has happened through difficulties and ease. May we always be hopeful to the One who gives life to us every single day.

Love this shots capturing the sun bursting through taken last year on 5th October 2014 by Khubayb, 3 weeks before aere's launch. I forgot to blog about it earlier with the so many things that has happened this past year!

I'm wearing the flowing aere ZEPHYR Dress (newly restocked with more colours) and paired with dUCkscarves matching with the gorgeous golden sun. 

Outfit Details :

aere's ZEPHYR Draped Dress 


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