Reflections : We all belong to our Beloved Creator

10:00:00 PM

Friday :) 

We gain and we lose, but we have to remind ourselves that NOTHING belongs to us and everything belongs to our Beloved Creator. Everything we are blessed with are gifts from the Most Merciful and Most Loving. 

So let's remind ourselves to be grateful to our True Love for what we have and all that he has blessed us with especially the air that we breathe. At the same time we try our best and strive to do the best in everything that we do but let the Ultimate Planner decides and determine what's best for us. 

Have faith, he has decreed what is best for us. May we all be purified, always be sincere in whatever we do, be granted strength and patience to go through all our hidden struggles and challenges and may He grant us the highest forms of love and faith towards the One who Created us and gave us life.


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