Reflections : Do All Things with Love

5:09:00 PM

Happy Tuesday. :) 

Sometimes we forget but we need to be reminded to always be grateful and love what we do. 

We need to be reminded to just enjoy the process and the journey, no matter whether its ease or hardship.

Just embrace it because through hardship there's ease, and through ease it has its different sets of challenges. 

Make sure there's a reason behind the things we do be it for the love of our family, ourselves and/or most importantly love for the One who created love and everything that exists. 

Do it with love. 

May we be blessed with His Love always and be sincere in everything we do with our lives. The life that was given by the Giver. All praises to the Creator.

#notetoselfandothers #selfreminder #selfmotivation

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  1. Thank you so much for this reminder. Simple, but I really needed it.